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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:00 am

Hamilton is a dark modern (as in 2012) based roleplay sim with a fantasy setting. We allow Seelie and Unseelie Fae, vampires, werewolves, humans, and witches. We do advise everyone to read the general write up on all the races before assuming what each race is and does for your own benefit.

Below are the sim rules. Please read them and OBEY! ...

no wait.... >.>

read them and be aware that we do mean business, even if we are punny about it.

By leaving the infohub you've agreed to all the Following:
* That you have read and understand the whole of the rules of the sim and are willing to follow them.
* That you have read and understand all of the Mythos and Character Guidelines of all the races of the sim and are willing to follow them.
(translation: you gotta follow the mythos of our races, say vampire, as an example and not your own 'supernova alien vampire of the blood moon from Neptune' vampire you read in an old 50s comic.)
* That you understand this is a roleplay sim and behind the characters are real people from the really Real World worth respecting always.
* That you understand that as this is a privately owned sim, and it is then up the owners discretion to make choices and opinions on all parts of their sim at any time.
* That if asked, you can provide chat logs for any investigations of acts of foul play you report to an Admin or Sim Owner.
* That you consent to dark and violent themed roleplays by choosing to roleplay here, even if its only in hearing about them. We are however, NOT a Combat Sim nor are we a Sexual Fantasy/Capture Sim. We have a Zero Tolerance for any player that forces otherwise.
* That you understand we do NOT respect personal limits posted in ones profiles and that of limitations such as NO PERMADEATH. We here in Hamilton partake in the " IC Consequences for IC Actions" policy. If you roleplay a scenario that will result in your character's death, your character will die. If that is not what you want... don't play the violent scenarios Razz (duh...)

So if you are on the sim, break a rule, and claim you haven't read any rules, the you have no one to blame but yourself for the actions the Staff takes on your ignorance.


1. Only ADMIN APPROVED Combat Meters, Scripted Weapons, and HUDs are allowed on the sim at ANY TIME! Props are fine, but when in doubt, use text to describe what you have on and/or may be carrying. ((Refer to Combat Rules for more info)) By the way, we will never allow Bloodlines or its similarly made HUDs on this sim EVER. Seriously... why do you even call that roleplay? It's not. Trust us on this one!

2. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODDING, GRANDSTANDING, METAGAMING, OR ITS LIKE PERMITTED ON THIS SIM EVER. This includes the staff. If you need definitions of what these are, google it.

3a. For those of you that wish to Roleplay without any form of super power or roleplay responsibility, go explore and roleplay. Really, have fun! Just remember, regular roleplayers cannot make arrests, lead surgeries, run businesses, have special abilities, or the like and you're cool.

3b. Before you can play ANY TYPE of POWER or hold ANY POSITION of AUTHORITY upon this sim you MUST fill out a Character Application Form AND be Approved by a Admin, even if that power is not supernatural. (IE arrests, leading surgeries, running a business). How do we know you've gone through these steps, you ask? Our players group is by Invite only. If you're not in the Hamilton Roleplayers Group, you are not approved for powers. End of story. We do not require you to wear your tag for the players group, but we do require the Players Group to be visable on your Profile at ALL times. This way others players can see the name and know you are OK to RP what you are. You like hiding your groups? Then don't play a power here. Why do you need to hide what you like anyway? Be proud of it!

4. No cross roleplaying IC and OOC. All OOC information pertaining to individual groups and/or players shall be kept separate from IC. (IE character names until they are given, species types if they are hidden, personal background stories if they are not said.) Also this means just because you have an OOC beef with someone does not mean all of a sudden your character does too. Or vice versa. This is called Drama. and its really juvenile. If at any point you feel your OOC feelings towards a player cannot be resolved between the two of you, then you may consult a Sim Owner or Admin to help mediate the situation. However if you have not tried first, we will not try for you. We're adults. So are you. Let's act it together!

5. This is a Mature sim, it is set to MODERN DAY laws and ideals. Therefore most things you are unable to do RL applies here too. Please adhere to the time period. (IE... if you dress like a ho, expect to be treated as one. Don't expect dress skimpy and be a Lawyer. Don't parade about in leather and latex like its NORMAL. Don't kneel in public areas because your Master said so... because if you did that in RL.. someone would send you to a loony bin or call the cops. Modern, folks.. let's execute the principle of common sense. And that's execute as in "use" not execute as in "kill".. you goobers...)

6a. Let's talk about SEX! yes, the bird and the Bees of Second Life SEX. WOOOHOOOOOOO SEXIES!!! >.> now that we got that out of our system.... We are all Adults here. We know its gonna happen. However, don't come running to the sim JUST to hump the leg of every avatar you encounter. There are whole sims designed for that. All we ask is you to work it into your RP in a reasonable way, and if you are in the chat range of others, take it to your IMs. Because let's face it, even written porn is distracting when it comes to trying to RP a NON sexual scene nearby. So be Courteous to your fellow player. IM the nasty!

6b. Nudity. Sure, this is a Fae dominate area and Fae, never being human, have no sense of Human modesty. But fae, are also... not stupid. they all know they can be arrested for public indecency by the police if they walk around bearing all in the human 'lands'. So that leaves potentially the Freaker's Wharf and the Dreamlands to be naked, right? Riii-iiight.... the Wharf also adheres to human laws, therefore... you can still be arrested for public indecency. And the Dreamlands.... why do you need to walk around naked anyway? Please remember, naked does NOT mean sex or sexual arousal. If you have a logical reason for it, fine, but remember MOST the players here.. aren't into that. Limit your nudity to your own private homes or away from the general public. Its common courtesy.

7. On that note, Slavery. The Owners and Admin Staff know Gor. We've RPed in Gor before. Both sim owners have long time SL friends, mentors, and online family that OWN or RUN Gorean Sims. We highly recommend them. However... we are NOT Gorean here. This is the regular (Earth) world. Don't go strutting about in silks and chains and bowing and kneeling to your Masters. Yes, we also know BDSM. That isn't Gor, by the way. Gor took from principles of BDSM. Having said that.... in RL, do you see practice Lifestylers strutting their submissives and slaves about while.. going to the bank.... the grocery store...? NO. Same applies here. RP the BDSM lifestyle as it is appropriate in RL Public appearances. Keep it to the privacy of your off sim home or other secret locations. Do NOT do that in the general public. Ever.

8. Types of avatars we do not accept upon this sim at any time:
* Children (Sorry, not that we have anything against kids, but it is far too much of a headache to police children avatars in Mature sims with violent and sexual overtones and NOT worry endlessly over the Linden Labs TOS.)
* Furries (No, there isn't anything against a furry avatar. Our sim does have supernatural beings, however we want an element of realism to the characters looks. Bright flashy fur of neon and heads twice the size of your shoulder span with big cartoon eyes that make you look like you should be on cartoon network... not all that realistically believable. We do allow Shifters, not Furries.)
* Nekos, Usagi, Kitsunes, etc (Let's tell it to you straight. Those are literally japanese words for regular animals. Many of us do know the Anime/Manga subculture and love it.. BUT this is NOT an ANIME/MANGA based sim. these terminologies are not allowed, nor is the mythos you may have googled on it.)
*Hybrids (Its part of our race type write ups too. You cannot be a half anything. If the offchance a human makes a baby with a fae, that baby is HUMAN, not fae.. or it can become a WITCH which is a magical human... but never can they be a fae. You want to be fae.. BE FAE. adding more types to your character takes AWAY from your power, not adds to it.)
* Angels and Demons (Because of the nature we have of Fae being powerful and essentially good or bad, adding two godlike races of angels and demons just sounded like too much super powers and headaches. There are plenty of modern sims that allow these, but that's not here. Ever.)
* Giant Robots and aliens. (Seriously... MODERN doesn't mean Transformers or War of the worlds. be reasonable and choose from one of the many many varieties we have. we give you alot, trust us!)
* Cannon Characters of ANY book genre or those directly related to them. (we are not a 'based off' sim. You are not Childe of Dracula, you are not Oberon's Second Son, You did not attend a lecture on zombie raising from Anita Blake. yes, way back in the Sim's creation (2007-2008), we did have LKH roots, but not anymore. The name's just grown on us all XD we're nostalgic that way!)

9. Alts (alternative avatars). We do allow players to have several avatars in play within one sim. We do not allow the same avatar to hold multiple characters with the sole exception of Admin governed NPC avatars. These NPC avatars are listed for public viewing by all players and visitors for Hamilton on the Forum. We do allow for alts to know and be familiar with each other, however for ANY exchange of information to occur, there must be documented proof of the roleplayed interaction between them. This will come in one of two forms: a chat log or a detailed story/blog of the talk (Posted to our Forum). If either can not be presented then the alt will be held for meta-gaming and banned from the sim without hesitation.

10. A Silly rule to add, but at no time will any Group be made for the Sim by anyone other than a Sim Owner. This is because all groups of Hamilton must have a Sim Owner as a Co-Owner to the group. If a player would like to create a group for the sim (even if its just for a 'business' on the sim, they must first ask a Sim Owner for permission before creating their group. If there is a reasonable explanation for why it is needed, then the Sim Owner will gladly create the group for you and save you the Linden in making that group yourself!

11. Voice chat is deactivated on this sim. Outside methods of voice chatting (IE Skype, etc) will not be permitted to take place on the sim. Sure, we can't force you to not use it, but really.. why? it's distracting and it takes away from the text based RP. If you wanna talk and socialize, then please go off sim and hang out to do that. We are here to roleplay.

12. Scripted vehicles and pets that are not worn on an avatar MUST be approved by a Sim OWNER first before it is allowed onto the sim. We do this for lag purposes. You like lag? We don't either! We also don't like the distracting type attachments to roleplay. This means.... no talking prim bellies. no sound activated shoes. please leave your bling at the door! Limit your facelights. we all want to be stars too!

13. Roleplay will be turn based, meaning you wait for another to post before you post again. ESPECIALLY during fights. Anything else can be considered forced and the play can be forfeit. We do allow all styles of roleplays, but as a reminder to those that short post, be patient. The Sim Owners are known and long-time para-roleplayers. We won't ask anyone to shorten a post so you can add more one-lines quicker. Put all your short posts into one statement and wait your turn for others to participate. It's called common courtesy. Speaking of Common Courtesy.. Para posters, if you walk into a scene with a lot of Short posters and multi-posters.. don't force them to conform to you! Be fair and shorten your posts to fit them.

14. We reserve the right to change the sim, the race outlines, the rules, and the layout at any time, so be sure to keep up with updated rules and guidelines and keep your Notices on for your group (the Hamilton OOC Group to be exact!). We do tell you when things change. We aren't mean... just sneaky sometimes.

15. Have fun! This may seem serious and doom and gloom but seriously, it is to keep it fun for everyone, even if you are roleplaying an emo moment. Do it.. with fun. Don't make the Admin chase you down, tie balloons to your ears and stuff your face with cookies now. Wink FUN PEOPLE!

Any reports of OOC/IC Violations are to be notecarded with either logs or descriptions of the incident, dates, times, and names. These are to be sent to any of the Admins, if none are online or are not immediately available to be contacted through the Roleplay players Chat or personal IMs. Thank you.**

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