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The Fae

Hamilton Fae... are fae. They primarily take after Celtic mythology, although there are mixings from all spectrums of the world when it comes to magic. Fae generally like it to be that way. They are everything and nothing in their opinions and that is always better than humans.

Since there are such a wide variety of types of Fae, we are not going to limit the kinds that can be used. However, no matter which fae you wish to call yourself, you will all follow the same basic abilities and weaknesses without ANY extras UNLESS you get it approved by one of the Admin by properly going through the Character Approval Process. You will notice some abilities won't be listed as basic since it applies to SOME types, not ALL types. Your basic abilities go for ALL types. This is the fairest way we could think to separate the Fae.

In edition to the basic abilities all fae possess, there are a few special Seelie benefits/disadvantages and Unseelie benefits/disadvantages. All Fae are of One court. They cannot be of both or of neither, so do at least pick a side and claim those extra benefits/disadvantages for yourself.

Below are all the Abilities Fae have without ever having to submit a character approval card. You got these strengths and weaknesses. You may use them as you want!

Basic Fae Abilities:
* Communicate with all types of natural animals (like one would communicate to one's best friend. can you control your best friend like a mindless puppet? We can't either. We'd get kicked in the booty for it.)
*Heightened senses (all Five of them)
*Stronger than all humans. (Could break a human bone with both hands)
*As fast as a blink of an eye (movement within 20 meters of original destination)
*have basic glamour (IE to make themselves look Human to hide hooves, horns, wings, tails, etc. this does NOT change the body shape. Just allows you to hide your attachments and skin/hair/eye colors)
*feed off the energy of Dreams and Nightmares as collected from the Fae gardens or sleeping humans. (dreams if you are Seelie. Nightmares for Unseelie)

Basic Fae Weaknesses:
*Fragile (In comparison to all other Supernaturals. You can not win a dual/fist fight/show of strength against them. ever.)
*Are vulnerable and weakened by objects held by those of true Faith (when the Faith is NOT in magic or in Fae)
*Are Vulnerable, weakened, and poisoned to death by Iron (when in its pure form.)
*Are vulnerable and weakened by metals including Iron (This means all metal compounds with Iron can be used against fae, but won't kill them. In strong doses they can get really sick, however.)
*Destruction to Nature (IE pollution, deforestation) or being separated from nature weakens Fae to human strengths (IE being locked in a cement basement)
*Rarely Procreate, especially among other Fae. Not that they don't like it, but with all the modern technology.. its made it difficult for them. It is easier to get a human/fae mix than a pure fae. However, all halfbreed fae are considered HUMAN, not Fae, both in looks and abilities.
*Are bound to their True Name. Whomever knows it, Controls them until they die.

**Seelie Additions**
++See Best in Light
--Are blind in Darkness
++Honor bound to any contract they sign
--Not always so Honor Bound to their word
++Enjoy Humanity (to treat as pets)
--are bound to their order and heirarchal restrictions

**Unseelie Additions**

++See Best in the Darkness
--Are blind in Light
++Are good for their word
--Cannot speak lies
++Enjoy humanity (as part of the foodchain/ cycle of life)
--are not bound to anything.... ever.

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