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Hamilton werewolves loosely take after that of mythological lycanthrophes and that of the modern interpretations of American Werewolf in London(Movie), the Werewolf of Paris (classic novel) and Underworld. We do understand there is a wide variety of myths of shapeshifting types types thanks to modern culture, however for simplicity and easily RPed access, only the following specifications are allowed within Hamilton:

Basic Werewolf Abilities:
*Strongest preternatural force around
*Heightened Sense of Sight, Sound, Smell, and Taste
*Retain all heightened abilities even in human form.
*Retain half your strength while in Human form (stronger than most humans)
*Faster than most humans
*Thick skinned
*Reacts positively AND negatively to emotions.

Basic Werewolf Weaknesses:
*Cursed into a monstrous WOLF form only when attacked by another werewolf and LIVING through the attack (humans ONLY)
*NO Cure for the Curse
*Are vulnerable and weakened by wolfsbane
*Are vulnerable, weakened, poisoned, and potentially KILLED by Silver
*Must Kill and feed on the living when shifted into werewolf form. (think hungry, angry killing machine)
*Must shift into werewolf form every full moon and upon every extreme outburst of rage, anger, and the smell of blood (in large volumes).

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