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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:10 am

Hamilton vampires loosely take after that of mythological vampires and that of the modern interpretations of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Anne Rice, and Underworld. We do understand there is a wide variety of myths and vampiric types thanks to modern culture, however for simplicity and easily RPed access, only the follow specifications are allowed within Hamilton:

Basic Vampire Abilities:
*Drink blood of the Living to survive
*Heightened Sense of Sight, Sound, Smell, and Touch
*Ability to entrance/hypnotize humans with their eyes alone.
*Stronger than all humans (could break any human bone in their hands)
*As fast as a blink of an eye (within 10 meters of destinations)

Basic Vampire Weaknesses:
*Unable to eat any food/drink that is not blood
*Unable to go out into direct sunlight
*Unable to procreate
*Are vulnerable and weakened by objects held by those of true Faith
*are vulnerable and weakened by objects made of silver.
*can be destroyed by being beheaded,by having the heart cut (by either a whole removal of the heart or by piercing it with a sharp object, by standing out in the sunlight, or by being set on fire.
*the blood of fae acts like a hallucinogen to vampire. They -may- experience a slight power increase, but their control goes down, their ferocity goes up and their vulnerability all matters increases threefold. Let's not forget the regular hallucinations that may occur! don't worry, it only lasts a day. Long term drinking WILL cause severe addictions to the fae and eventual permanent halluncinations and loss of control that will result in death, by self or others.
*the blood of the werewolf will sicken a vampire. Think of it like drinking the blood from a corpse (also bad). They will grow sluggish, feel nauseated, and loose strength for the day.

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