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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:27 am

Aah, the cursed undead! How one craves the night.

No vampire knows exactly how the first vampire was created. Some speculate bewitchment or some blame it on the Fae, but the majority don't seem to care or even think of such.

Instead on focusing what a vampire doesn't know, let's focus on what they do know.

Vampires are generally solitary predators. It's not that they do not like company. It just happens to be easier to hunt and live alone than within a group of vampires. Death will be noticed faster in a group than solo.

However it is not uncommon to see vampires collect in groups as large as 8 (But no less that 3) beings at a time within one 'household'. Groupings of this nature are done so out of companionship or the desire to protect a territory as their own. When this occurs you have the head of the Household, or Father (Though the Head can be a female in which case 'Mother' is used). Other vampires that are not created of the Father/Mother are then called brothers/sisters and all those made of the Head are called Childer.

In towns, you will not see more than 3 vampiric households at one time. There just is not enough food for them all to survive. Within a Town, there is one vampire known simply as the Master. The Master is the overlord of all vampiric activity in the town. It is He/She that maintains order, trims Households if He/She so feels they are growing to wild and jeopardizing the safety of the town. It is also the Master that makes the rules all other vampires, Solitary or within Households, to follow by. Town rules vary depending on the Master in charge, therefore in order to remain alive it is in every vampire's best interest to look for the Master upon entering a City, or someone(s) that the Master have delegated to ensure their word is known.

Vampires need to feed every night to survive. Their food of choice is humans, though some dare to drinker off of others. Witches tend to give a boost of energy over a human. Fae's blood comes with an overwhelming energy boost, but it also comes with hallucinations and a lack of control and thus is considered highly dangerous to most vampires well being. The Werewolf's cursed blood sickens a vampire and weakens them as does drinking of the dead.

No vampire can beat the sun, nor can they withstand fire. Silver weakens and paralyzes. Death can occur if the heart is pierced and/or destroyed or if the vampire's head is removed from its body.

Running water has no effect on vampires except those that just happen to have phobias of water. However objects of Faith can hurt and paralyze a vampire if the being holding them is one of real Faith. As an example, a human that doesn't really attend rituals (such as weekly mass) or hardly observe religious days other than in a worded mentioning in passing will not have the faith to stop a vampire, but the sermon of these services would.

Vampires have recently began to do dealings with the Unseelie Fae around the Gateways. Both have a vested interest in controlling humanity to use for their own purposes and as such hold various... loose truths about the others. Within Hamilton, no Unseelie is allowed to kill a vampire without their King's word and He will not give the word until speaking with the Vampire Master. Vampires, in turn, are not allowed to killed the Fae unless their Master deems it so, which can not occur until the Fae's King is consulted. The Seelie, whom despise the impurity of all vampires, equally despise this law and are the most prone to ignore it and then blame humanity or witches on any deaths so because of this, vampires tend to remain cautious around all Fae.

Vampires tend to take in werewolves to aid in their curse by given them places to shift on the full moon away from populated areas, however, in turn, the werewolf usually works as a protector and/or slave to the vampire.

Witches and vampires don't get along, as witches are a prime source of food for vampires, though the Necromancer, being able to control the dead does make a worthy opponent for them.

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