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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:28 am

The poor, unsuspecting souls of the werewolves, the tragedies of the night.

Forget all the pretty enhancements and self empowering stories that give wolves and various other creatures a good light and power in the supernatural circle, for that is all it is. Pretty Stories....

The truth of the matter is all werewolves are exactly as the old wife's tales told them as. Those foolish to walk into cursed woods and stray off the beaten path on a full moon's light would stumble upon these hungry, ravenous husks of men known as werewolves. Most never survive the brutality of the attack, but to the few that had the unfortunate luck of living a mauling by a werewolf, would find themselves too cursed to a monster's existence.

Of all the supernatural creatures they are the top in terms of brute force, second only to the Vampires and the rare case of Skinwalker. had the werewolf the control to do so, they could cross a stone within their hand into dust. Even when in their human forms, they retain the strength to easily snap a bone in half if they are not too careful. Which is something a werewolf must always be: careful.

The werewolf lacks a sense of control over their curse. It truly is the wild beast of the bunch. Lost to itself and its primal urges. Werewolves are pulled by their emotions, set off into frenzies when shortened tempers snap. Blood from an open wound is another drive from them to want to kill, though it has only been recorded in larger quantities. Werewolves could not safely reside in hospitals or meat markets.They also follow the Lunar cycle and shift into rampaging monsters the night of a full moon.

Regardless if they are in their human form, or their monstrous form, a werewolf retains a heightened sense of smell, taste, sight and sound. Colors are more vibrant and vivid for them. Tastes electrify their mouths, smells enrapture the beast or rile it, and the faintest sound can excite the monstrous hunter within.

There is no known cure for the curse of the Werewolf, though many have tried. Silver, when introduced to the blood, poisons the werewolf and leads to death.

Vampires tend to enjoy taking werewolves into their company for the useful a brute force of rage can give to them for as long as they are alive. The Seelie pity the werewolf, but for the most part reject the being's entire existence, and the Unseelie are just as willing to kil the werewolf as they are to help. In some cases, both. Witches seem the kindest towards werewolves as they utilize one of the more common tranquilizers to the beasts, wolfsbane to help contain the werewolf in an area and protect it from both itself and others.

Werewolves tend to have a short lifespan, though some have been lucky to live up to 10 years. Among some vampire Households, stories of werewolves surviving over 20 years have circulated, but no one has ever presented true proof of such.

OOC Note: Werewolves are a cursed race, and made only of humans. A witch that becomes infected loses all their magic upon the first full moon as part of the curse. Because of this, there is no special ability advancements for werewolves. If you wish to be one that is akin to the creatures in modern supernatural fictions or White Wolf, as examples, then Skinwalkers or various fae types would be your alternative.

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