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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:29 am

In medieval ages, fae were worshipped as gods. Their magic was strong and with it they controlled the world. Much as the saying for cats go, " They were once worshipped as gods. cats never forgot this." So stands true for the Fae.

As Christianity swept in and pooled the people's belief in them away, their power cracked and dwindled. In many areas of the World it faded forever.By the birth of the rennaissance, Fae were only at half the strength of their glory days. Thy adapted as any race would, but it wasn't until the dawning of the Industrial age that Fae began to sense the gravity of the their dependancy upon Humans.

Fae need humans to survive. Their dreams and nightmares feed their magic. Their belief makes them powerful. Their land infuses them. Human may increasingly find ways to live without fae, but the Fae cannot live without humanity.

As iron filled materials began to fill the land, more entranceways began to dwindle. Fae populations sought out the most fertile of soils and the smallest human setlements to live. Hamilton, Maine was one of these.

The Fae settled themselves and their Gateway to the Dreamlands here, hiding among the quiet living people until 1962, when the newest incarnation of the elemental Seers was born.

The Unseelie were thrilled as their Seer was born of their Court. He was procaimed as their strength andkey to regaining a old on the world. Until his birth, only one of the five Seers lived under an Unseelie Court. Hamilton was a Seelie land, so it was not surprising that despite teh Unseelie's efforts to hide their Seer, the Seelie took the inant from its mother and claimed him and the gateway as his own.

By the guidance of the Council of Advisors, led by Lord Dominic White, the Seelie went to the U.S government to announce their Seers birth and protect the land and town he lived in as a natural reserve.. to preserve what foothold in the land and its energy they could for survival.

The Mighty Seelie King Matthias, old as he was, began to horde over his power and people. He hid the Seer deep in the realms of the Dreamlands far from even the reach of his own Fae. In his zeal to possess all the energy and spare his people from the Humans grubby hands, he began to seal off the Gateway from all humanity forever and in doing so began to starve his own people.

Crazed he became in this mission and almost successful. That was until the constant skirmishes from the bands of Unseelie became to much. Up until that year, the Unseelie had not the strength or means to unite, but in 2001, all that changed.

Dominic White, patient as he was, slowly was collecting favors in the Seelie Court or sabotaging those he could not winover to untimely demises. White was one of the only fae that knew where the Seer was kept and he was one of the only that never asked of the Seer's power, yet always recieved it. With the Seer's words, in the summer of 2001, when the Seelie Court held itself together by threads, he came into Court and revealed himself for who he really was, the bana'Shee of the Unseelie.

bana'Shee challenged Matthias for the throne and with no suitable man to fight in the King's honor, the king himself had to take the challenge himself. The duel was swift and in the end, Matthias fell into the arms of death. The Seelie were devastated and scattered into hiding as the Unseelie finally unified under the bana'Shee to take the Gateway.

Shortly after his crowning, King bana'Shee opened the Gateway to all life, literally with the opening of the Dreamland Tours. He worked with the town of Hamilton to construct a great place for all walks of supernatural life to party and be seen by all in the Freaker's Wharf. Equality was claimed to be the reason. fae know better.


He who has the strongest belief, has the power.

If humanity could SEE all there was about the supernatural world or believed they could, then they would also believe in the supernatural.

Much is kept secret from humanity. Their iron weaknesses, the differences between a Seelie and Unseelie. The fact that the fae need humanity more than humanity needs them, but at lesat... for now.... mostly everyone is safe....

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Fae Mythos Empty Seelie Vs. Unseelie

Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:30 am

Originally, there was only the Shining Court. The Sidhe are not originally members of the Unseelie Court at all, and in fact, the ancient Unseelie did not band together as a court, but existed in little knots or as lone members of their own species. Seelie as a word means 'holy' or 'blessed' and indicated that members of this type and classification would help humans or occasionally interact with them peacefully. However, the modern idea that Seelie Sidhe are sweetness and light is a little far fetched as the Seelie court will go to any length to avenge an insult, and they sometimes tricked humans into causing insult. The Seelie fae were always placated or bribed with offerings.

They are known for shining beauty and grace, and the creation of beautiful things. The Seelie Sidhe are the definition of dreams and fairy-tales. They are the creatures of light, wishes, dreams, joy and magic. When humans think of Faeries it is the Seelie Court that they are thinking of. It is known as the 'Glittering Throng'. The Seelie Court considers itself higher than any of the other Courts, and is very formal, similar to an old English Court. However, the Seelie Court has the highest ideals of pure blood. They reject anyone with impure blood and are prejudice against anyone with any amount of Unseelie blood. They consider the Unseelie Court to be full of fae with deformities, but years of inbreeding has caused the pure Seelie to breed their own monsters.

The Seelie Court is not as pure and shining as it wishes to believe. It's enemies consider the Seelie Court to be pretending that it is something it is not; pretending to be human rather than true fae. It is easier to be decietful in the Seelie Court due to their interest in illusion, the Unseelie Court is a lot more forward and blunt. The Seelie Court are the more benign with a stronger tendency to be good Fae, though Good can be defined in a number of ways. Seelie Fae are much more likely to be inclined to working with others in constructive and beneficial ways. This does not mean that all Seelie Fae are happy-go-lucky, silly creatures who would do nothing to defend themselves or act against someone or something; but in almost all cases there has to have been a previous provocation or wrong that needs to be dealt with. Anyone who displeases the King or Queen is exiled from the Court. The Unseelie Court takes in anyone who is exiled from the Seelie Court, but many Seelie Sidhe believe that the darker court is a fate worse than exile from Faerie.

The Seelie Code:
*Death Before Dishonor: A member of the Seelie Court would protect his or her honor to the death. Honor was the single source of glory for the Seelie, the only way to attain recognition. A true Seelie would rather have died than live with personal dishonor, and would never bring dishonor to another of the Seelie.
*Love Conquers All: For the Seelie, love was the perfect expression of the soul. It transcended all other things. Though romantic love was considered to be the highest and purest form of love, platonic love was also encouraged.
*Beauty is Life: Beauty was one of the first tenants of the Seelie Court. To belong, a faery had to be beautiful, and all beauty was to be protected. The Seelie were known to go to war to protect beauty, whether it was a beautiful person, place, or thing.
*Never Forget a Debt: This tenant worked in two ways. The Seelie were bound by their code of honor to repay any debt owed as soon as was possible. This included both favors and insults. The Seelie would repay a favor in a timely fashion. At the same time, they would exact vengeance almost immediately.

Unseelie, meaning 'Unholy', is the appellation was given by humans to represent those fae who were dangerous, malevolent or hostile. The 'Unseelie Court' came into being early in Sidhe history, when a prince of the Sidhe murdered his sister and then lied three times when confronted about it. He was cast out of the Seelie Court forever, but was such a powerful and ambitious person that he forcibly enslaved many of the fae outside the Seelie Court, creating an army. The War lasted for one hundred years, and the Seelie, shocked and horrified at how much the unseelie fae could damage them, eventually made a treaty acknowledging the Unseelie King's sovereignty.

The terms of the treaty involved sending a Sidhe noblewoman to be the King's bride, as well as that every seven years, a blood tithe would be sent to the Unseelie Court. These days, since the goblins were crushed in their war against the Sidhe, the Seelie call upon the Goblins to pay this tithe. Mixed-blood Sidhe are not allowed in the Seelie Court, and most of the Unseelie sidhe are mixed-blooded.

The Unseelie Court is known as the darkling throng. They are a little more malevolent in their machinations. Here the Fey of nightmare mingle with mean-spirited tricksters. They are far more inclined to operate in selfish instrumentation. Alliances with the Unseelie are frequently detrimental in the end result. Again, the lines can be particularly difficult to realize at first with the Unseelie since deception and duplicity run strong in their nature. Some of the Unseelie are the most beautiful and charming individuals you may ever run across and others may merely have an affinity for highly hazardous--and occasionally fatal--pranks. The Unseelie Court is ruled by fear, power and dominance, and is less formal than the Seelie Court.

The Unseelie Code:

*Change is Good: The Unseelie firmly believed that security was an illusion. They considered chaos to be the ruling force in the universe, and accepted that they had to adapt and change to survive.
*Glamour is Free: Glamour was the magick of the fae. Both the Seelie and Unseelie possessed its power. However, the two Courts had differing opinions over its use. The Unseelie believed that to have power and not to use it was near to sin. They used their power for whatever they saw fit.
*Honor is a Lie: The Unseelie placed no stock in the ideals of honor. Instead, they pursued their own self-interests vigorously. The Unseelie felt as if truth could be only be reach through a devotion to self, not a devotion to others.
*Passion Before Duty: Passion was considered to be the truest state of being. The Unseelie acted without thought on pure instinct and passion.

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