A vampire, a blind man, and an a-hole walk into a bar....

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A vampire, a blind man, and an a-hole walk into a bar.... Empty A vampire, a blind man, and an a-hole walk into a bar....

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((muhahah! introductory Rp, and sim background stuff. gotta love it XD ))

Bink sat on the chair, sipping his sippy cup as his head bobbled to the music blaring in the club. He was smiling as the music melded with the talk of all the people around him. There was so much NOISE. he loved it!

Jay Lovell sauntered through the club. Ever at home as he was with all the people and the lights. A glass held lightly by fingertips swung at his side. He managed to make his way through the dancing , laughing, gawking gatherings much like any animal in its natural environment. He was very good at pretending to be at ease here. It was as always just a facade put on and when he finally made his way over to the windows and a slight clearning near them he sighed ever so faintly.

Bink sat up as a group of people came close enough to him that their conversation rose above the rest. " did you see that guy? he was COVERED in scales? that can't be natural. ... oh i KNOW it was freaky!" he smiled to the voices and bounced a bit in his seat. "yoo.." he spoke softly, much too softly for most to hear him. " y-y-you know... its natural for some. v-v-var-r-r-..." he sighed and lifted a hand to snap his fingers right by his face. ".. some types of people!" He seemed pleased with his sentence completion, but in that time.. the group had walked away. they hadn't even noticed he was there. " oh bother..." he said with a slight frown as he went back to sippy cup sippin'.

Jay Lovell eyed the gaggle of groupies that milled past . He wasn't known here. Not yet. His agent was working on it, so he said. The faintly spoken rebuttal that came near his side caught his attention and he lowered his head to eye the figure there for a long moment before asking," What are you a pooh or something?

Bink sat back up as he heard the comment to him. it was at him wasn't it? oh, not that it mattered it was REAL conversation! He was bubbly and as happy as a puppy. " OH! HI." He smiled brightly in the direction of the voice, though his face was a little too low to be looking at jehan's face. "No... I'm not a bowel movement. what a peculiar thing to ask."

Jay Lovell snorted and smirked as he turned to lean elbows on the wall and propped a foot behind him . This was a weird one at least he was cute . " not a poop. a pooh as in a bear. Only one I ever heard say 'oh bother' like that.

Bink tilted his head to Jehan explanation and smiled a little, " ohh.... its from a talking bear. Well, I've never met such a creature, but I'm honored to bear such a similarity." He then began to giggle warmly and he ducked his head in his own embarassment, " Bear... goodness.. i think I just made a joke!"

Jay Lovell blinked once but how could one not smile when faced with such ...happiness. it was such a rare thing and it didnt seem like an act. " Yeah I think you did at that. Though you would seem like the kind that might get compared to cartoons often enough . Must say you do seem jsut a bit out of place here"

Bink smiled faintly, " I'm not sure what a cartoon is, but I'm sure its wonderful." He laughed weakly. " And I apologize if I look odd, but I was fashioned to look human so I wouldn't be too much trouble. " He had climbed up to his knees and was grabbing out for the back of hte chair. He missed it a couple of times before finally grabbing tightly to it for balance. "If.... if you could be so kind and let me know what's not working right so I can have it fixed, please? I really really really want to fit in!"

Jay Lovell half took a step back as the guy started to climb up on his chair," fashioned? what are you some sort of robot? I suppose I wouldnt be that surprised though you are a darn good one if so.

Bink frowned a little ands lid down his seat abit. "i'm not a robot. I'm Bink...." he sighed a bit, " I'm sorry if I upset you. I'll leave you be, Sir..." and with that he was grabbing about to repositions himself into a sit in his chair.

Jay Lovell couldn't help himself and he reached out to grab at the sliding figure . There was jsut something there at that moment athat made him think to help," hey there careful. Too much to drink, buddy? you didnt upset me jsut confused me, eh ? its ok I've been confused alot lately .

Bink instinctively braced himself at the touch. he even cringed and turned his head, but only the clothe of his shirt was touched. He sniffled, not even realizing in that moment that his eyes had welled up with tears. "SORRY! " he chirped as loud as a soft voice could go. " I'm so sah-sah-sah-sorry. I had too much apple juice. I-i-i-i.. i'm just not... used to talking to anyone."

Jay Lovell pet once at those sleeves, " you ok, man? I didn't hurt you did I? I thought you were falling or is it just.." he trailed off and straightened up and stuffed cold hands into his coat pockets" I used to be good at the talking to people. Sometimes I just think I scare them now" he gave a faint dry laugh" They tell me I need to practice more.

Bink shook his head as he went about hugging at himself. " No... y-y-y-you being undead isn't a puh-puh-problem, Sir.... I.. um... i-i-i think it's... fascinating." He gave a little smile. " I'm not supposed to be touched or let others touch me. Because I may accidentally hurt myself. You touch fine."

Jay Lovell gave a little crooked smile," I touch fine? that's what she said. And I am doing so bad that its noticible what I am eh? Sounds like you are one of those...erm.. kinda people that bruise easy? I forget what they are called..bleeders...probably not good around my kind. but..just relax a little you are gonna give yourself hiccups

Bink shook his head, "... nevermind, Sir. You wouldn't understand even if I could tell you." He pulled up his knees and hugged at them. "Have you....seen ... a man that calls himself Nathyn Wright around here?"

Jay Lovell gave a dramatic roll of eyes and a shake of head," that man....met him in passing but I haven't had a chance to actually have a full conversation. He is more slippery than my agent and let me tell you that man is slippery . I think he was headed over towards the bar though.

Bink gave a weak smile. "oh... do you...know if he's still there?"

Jay Lovell turned and peered that direction over the crowd before shaking his head and looking back," I can't see him there at the moment ..um...you want me to go find him?" he thought for a moment then relaised he had been given a name already," Bink ..I think you said? Are you sure you are ok?"

His head perked up a little to the offer. "Could you?" He smiled more and then blushed. " i... I don't mean to be a problem I just... can't see. .. and I want to tell him that I want to go home now. I think I've gotten into enough trouble for one day."

Jay Lovell paused as he finally clicked then he blinked and rubbed at the back of his neck lightly," can't see...and here I thought you were drunk..dang...Sorry . Didn't mean to give you trouble but ..yeah..i'll go find the guy if he lets me find him that is. " he took a step away and then turned around with the return of his grin," But you have to let me buy you a drink some other time , deal?"

Bink smiles faintly, " I'm.. not sure what's drunk." He laughed in light exasperation. " i'm sorry... this world is new for me. b-b-but.. you weren't trouble at all! I know.. i'm.. i'm difficult and unfamiliar with everything a-a-and.. a lot to handle." He smiled, " You don't need to buy me anything to drink. I get all the drink and food I want whenever I want it."

Jay Lovell laughed," well considering you seem associated with Mr. Wright I suppose and open tab would be expected. In which case I may have to finagle getting you more than apple juice. but um..yeah . I suppose.. i'll be right back so don't go anywhere..I am still figuring this place out myself.

Bink nodded gently, " thank you Sir. You're really kind."

Jay Lovell shouldered his way up to the bar once again. getting a scowl on one side and an entirely different look from the other as he pressed his way between those that lingered there. Hand lifted to get the attention of the bartender

Nathyn Wright snarled bitterly, " I don't care what is going on with your wife, Toby. When we say you're shift starts at 11, you're here at 10:45! What you think her drug addiction is paid on charity? if she's such an endangerment, commit her and be done with it. I have a business to run. Now stop snivelling clean up your act or get the hell out of my bar!" The other bartender, a woman had moved over to Jehan's beckoning and smiled warmly to him, " what can I get you, sexy?"

Jay Lovell returned her grin though he gave a questioning glance to the man yelling at the other end before giving a shake of his head and returning attention to the woman," Sounds like my ex-road manager. But um yeah . I am looking for a Nathyn Wright? Name is Jay Lovell. Supposed to meet with him before dawn and guy on other side of the place needs him too. So thought I'd come ask the people that should know it all in a place like this. " he still offered his usual grin it had taken him so long to master it again since the new teeth but he still tried to be charming

Nathyn Wright seemed to have fallen for it without question. The woman laughed and pointed over at the yelling man. that's him. I'll get him for you cutie. Toby could use the break." She didn't wait fora response, but instead made her sultry way over to the pair. " Boss. Jay Lovell's said he's been waiting to see you. Poor guy's at the other end of the bar." Nathyn looked over the woman's shoulder to Jehan and sighed out, " Shit." He grumbled as he lookeddown at Toby. " Get out of my face before I kick it off your neck." He sneered as he crossed behind the bar to Jehan. He held out a hand to him and sighed out, "Jay, Right? Your agent, Larry, spoke very highly of you." He was already inspecting him like he was a piece of art... or trash. difficult to read on that expressionless face of his. "I can see why he likes you so. You doing ok? Has anyone fed you yet tonight? I got some donors if you need it, kid."

Jay Lovell didn't hesitate as he took that offered hand. He had not been dead long enough to remember how cold he felt to others automatically . Some things were going to take alot more practice . He did sawallow once at the mention of being fed but he shook his head," Larry sent some stuff with me just in case. I am told there are places people get really offended if you dont, you know..check in first? It's not like I can just put things on my rider for willing " he stumbled a moment for the words. Not used to it being said aloud" well..donors I guess. Anyway..sounds like you are pretty busy need me to come by tomorrow night? It's getting early and all ." thumb gestured over a shoulder and I told the guy over there I'd get you for him too. Said something about going home. "

Nathyn Wright nodded as he took in all the words and mannerisms the man said. "Stop that." He said simply. "You're a vampire. And your body is highly attractive. There is nothing about you that won't turn a high profit here. You could stand on a table top and say nothing and turn me a profit. don't bother with that modest or insecure shit with me." He shook the hand and was also seemingly unbothered by its coldness. " ..going home? Not unless they are vomitting uncontrollably on my pristine floors or dying from bloodloss are they allowed to leave from work early." He scoffed at that. "Come. Let's get you up to my table. I can get your paper filled out there and a place to stay,as well as your appointment with the master here. You'll be needing all of that if you intend to be of any use to me, Jay."

Jay Lovell blinked once or twice , gave a slight tilt of head and then straightened up with a slight flick back of his hair." Well strange as it is to say that it good to be feeling of..use again . Had it dropped down my throat far too much these last few months how I have to hide..be discrete..you have to understand that really isn't my usual style. but lead on bossman. lets get the paperwork done so I can get back to" that crooked smile returned," normal

Nathyn Wright nodded as he lead Jay around the front of the bar towards the back hallways leading tothe stairs. "Welcome to Hamilton and my Freaker's Wharf, Jay. This is the one place no supernatural has to hide what they are. In fact, we insist you don't. Its better that way. You are all the stars here and why we have business at all, so we intend to keep the business coming and all of you happy. Just be on time and don't carry your personal shit in here and all will be perfect." He completely walked by the area Bink was still sitting in as he explained things out to Jehan.

Jay Lovell glanced around as they walked now a little more open at studying the people they were walking past," so there are alot of my kind here?" he blinked once more as they passed Bink and pulled up ," Oh! that was the guy that asked about going home..he doesn't really seem like , you know, an employee though ..

" a quarter of my staff are vampires, yes." he said as they walked, though he stopped at Jehan's hesitation. " Pardon?" he looked behind them, but in general. "Who are you talking about?"

Jay Lovell pointed with his chin as he indicated," the little blonde..wearing pink..."realising that listed half the females there he chuckled softly," I mean the guy ..in the seat by the window..hrm Bink...yeah I think that is what he said.

Nathyn Wright took Jehan by the arm, not forcefully, but firmly. He had means to yank him along with him. " Leson one in working here. When it pertains to Bink, you state so immediately." He was hurrying over to him. " Bink. what's wrong? Is the crowd overwhelming you again? I'll call for calynn to walk you home right away, alright?"

Bink peers up from his sippy cup. " Nathyn... he stated quietly. " n-no.. I'm ok.. I just... I'm bothering people again. I think I need to go home again."

Jay Lovell managed to not yelp but the grasp was unexpected and he never thought twice about not going where pulled and he muttered a soft ," sure thing ..." he frowned faintly and shook his head," I was the one doing the bothering . I jsut got confused is all. happens alot lately . "

Nathyn Wright chuckles softly as he reached out to ruffle Bink's hair. " You said again twice, Bink. Calm down. No one's upset at you." He was already whipping out his cell phone as he looked to jehan. "You're young. It happens until you get used to being dead. Bink's just very special. You've not done anything wrong either." He lifted the phone to his ear and his voice sharpened. " Woman. I'm busy here. Place is going to hell and I got the new vampire in. Come get Bink now.... yes you are my minion, now stop your games and come get Bink..... I don't care if you're in the middle of a surgery. You answered the phone. You're not busy. Get Bink. NOW."

Bink whined a bit, " It's really not necessary. Miss Calynn's busy. I'm feeling better. I can walk myself home tonight!" Yeah, he was already trying to stand up with this.. novel idea of his.

Jay Lovell laughed softly as he ran a hand across his hair," Sounds like we are all apologetic around here..well ...except Mr Wright. Feel like I am already causing a bit of attention " he glanced around to the curious faces that turned to the volume of the voice. Noting those that were obviously familiar with it as they quickly turned away and scurried back to jobs.

Nathyn Wright was still heavily arguing with this 'calynn', " then let him die, Calynn! this is BINK we are talking about, not some stupid dime a dozen human!" He scoffed gently and looked over to Bink and gently pushed him back onto the seat. " No, you are not walking yourself home. You could be seen alone, Bink. Calynn is on her way." he spoke into the phone with emphasis in his voice, "Aren't YOU."

Bink shook his head, " Nathyn, death's never the answer. I can do this on my own. I promise I won't get into trouble." And right on cue a waitress from the resturaunt at the other end of the building came running up. " Boss! Keesa has another fight on her hands. two Visiting Bloods. we think they are high on from their meals. You gotta come break them up."

Jay Lovell stepped back a bit to make sure he was not on the edge of getting into the arguement he felt brewing but then he paused and cleared his throat," Say, soon to be bossman..I can stay with him till his ride comes if you want... or get me a map and I could take him. didnt have that much time to learn the streets but its not like this is new york.

"Don't you sass me. It's not in your job description!!.... saving lives is NOT when it comes to Bink. You... YOU HUNG UP ON ME!" He growled at his cell phone and threw it o nthe floor as the waitress spoke. He rolled his eyes, " For fuck's sake... if they get rowdy, stake them!" he looked back to Bink, then as jehan made his offer he pat his arm. " Done. out the gates turn right walk to the street's end and take a left. last building on the first block. Bink will know it by the smell. Stay there and I'll bring your papers to you. He can't be left alone." there was no thank you. He was off ducking into the crowd in the direction the waitress came, calling out as he ran, "Get the silver gun out and tell Mason to fix my phone again!"

Jay Lovell was caught blinking a few times as Nathyn ducked off into the crowd that all seemed to be streaming after him ," hrm..staking..I have the feeling I would not like to be receiving a termination paper around here ....so..uh Bink. Still ready to leave?

Bink shakes his head, " they only have to stake the ones that kill people. You wouldn't be fired for killing people here. You would be destroyed." He smiled softly, "and yes, but really.. I can do this on my own.... I don't have to always be baby sat.."

Jay Lovell eyed him a moment pondering how he had shown so much trouble jsut clambering around that chair a bit agao and he smiled ," Well ..then .. just say you are showing me around a bit? Cause I have a feeling that if I don't at the least follow you that I might get to see the business end of that silver gun in a way most uncomfortable.

Bink sighed and gave a little nod to that, " Alright." Instinctively he reached out and made a gentle grabbing motion for Jehan. " thank you for doing this for me."

Jay Lovell eyed the reaching hands and put out his own to start to try to hold it but then he stepped closer and put that hand on his arm," It's like this right? Saw it in a movie"

Bink nodded gently as he held onto his arm and gave a bright smile. " yes, it is. thank you, Sir."

Jay Lovell laughed and patted that arm as he tried to figure out how to move with a guy on his arm that he was that much taller than . luckily the crowd was all down at the altercation . made it easier to get out that way

Bink walked in silence as they moved out of the place. He crined as they got too near the more paniced and larger crowds and turned into Jehan's body to shield himself but as they turned away from the sound and moved out he sighed out and relaxed a bit again.

Jay Lovell made it out to the street before he paused and looked down to Bink ," you ok there? We are out of the crowds now.

Bink nods gently as he moved his head to face jehan's voice. "..y-yes. I... I don't like violence or the loss of life." He grew quiet again and remained so as they continued their walk. " I'm sorry." He finally said, breaking the silence. " That you had to die. No one deserves to lose their life. I mean, even if this is what you wanted, I apologize for apologizing! but really.... i'm sorry."

Jay Lovell had a whole range of emotions cross his features in that one moment. Not that Bink could see that. Finally hs shook his head," Not my choice. Sortta made my career take a weird turn that I never planned for .." he went silent for a bit too before he continued as they walked, " I think you are the first person to actually admit I died. So many seem to try to come up with pretty words for it or dodge the subject entirely . so..uh...thanks?

Bink wiggled his fingers that held Jehan's arm. "You have no life in you. I an feel that. it's death. Granted, thanks to the supernatural potency of the blood you were given, some semblance of life returned to you, but your natural path of life upon this earth stopped. You died, and violently fro mwhat i've felt of vampire births. Why anyone would sugar coat that I don't understand... but... there is so much of this world I don't understand..."

Jay Lovell laughed again but it held a bitter note to it ," you don't understand? " he paused in steps and in words and bit back next words for a long moment till they got up to the end of the street.He was soft spoken by then," I never knew any of this exsisted. I was so focused on my own career I didnt even pay attention to the news unless it was about me. Guess a death can teach you to be a little less self centered, " he looked out at the trees a moment and gave a faint shiver before he turned back to the buildings," dieing was easy . Specially since she took me during sex. Talk about a rush...but the coming back to life part...that hurt..still does every night..." he blinked and glanced sideeway," uh..sorry .. too much info i'm sure. I never even told you my name did I? Call me Jay..allright?

Bink nodded softly as he listened. he even blushed. " i've not had sexual intercourse before. I'm not really allowed to be touched. it's too painful. for me. I don't really like it, epecially since I know the emotions that come with touch like that. it's like being shown the greatest gifts you will ever know your entire existence and never getting the chance to touch it... even once."

Jay Lovell nearly stumbled at Bink's admission. He found the virginity as shocking as some would have found his promiscuity." no sex?" he made it across the street before he looked to the hand on his arm," wait am I hurting you then by the touching? I jsut thought I was helping ....

Bink shook his head with a soft chuckle. " You're not touching my flesh. and like I said, you've died. Your body is now... silent to me." He blushed gently. " it's actually nice. I mean.. i've never gotten to meet a vampire this close before. I didn't expect that, but now that i have. it's really nice."

Jay Lovell really had to resist the urge to reach out and poke Bink's cheek . He didnt know him enough to pick on him meanly . He had already said that it could hurt him . He tucked his other hand away but offered a small smile," well. cool. glad at least it doesnt hurt though I am used to people being touchy around me . Maybe it's the red hair . but I am surprise I am the first you have met Mr. Wright said he had alot working for him .

Bink gave a faint smile. He had no idea what that red hair reference meant, but he knew better than to ask. "This is my first week out in the world. I've been bounced around so many hiding spots, that it was deemed that the safest place would be out here where no one would think to find me. Everything here is new to me."

Jay Lovell slowed his steps as they approached the house he had been told of and he looked up studying it for a moment before he frowned slightly and looked to Bink," hiding..what I mean is it..well cause you can't see? seems I know he seemed really overprotective and all but geesh its not like you are really helpless

Bink shakes his head, "It's because i'm the Seer. If it wasn't for my birth, there wouldn't be a need for this place to be protected by the US Government... there wouldn't be a tourist area. and all these people that wouldn't otherwise have homes or lives.. like you... wouldn't have any place to be safe in." he sighed and walked away from Jehan to the steps. he moved more naturally than he had. There was grace, even though he s till carried a cane and was still obviously blind. he jsut knew the steps well. "You coming up? I can make you some tea. I know you can't drink it, but the warmth my comfort your hands..."

Jay Lovell stood there watching him with a somewhat flabergasted look before he followed and he managed to slightly trip once since he was so distracted,"tea.. that would be nice I think. Smells are still interesting and all. uh..I think I was expecting some old dude ..probably with a beard or something...but that means you ..are fae?

Bink gave a faint smile. He had no idea what that red hair reference meant, but he knew better than to ask. "This is my first week out in the world. I've been bounced around so many hiding spots, that it was deemed that the safest place would be out here where no one would think to find me. Everything here is new to me."Once he could hear jehan's footsteps on the woode floor, he shut the door and locked it and went about following the patterns he memorized to put his things away. "Not many fae grow to be old looking. It's not in our nature. Mine especially. In fact, my last life I had to kill myself. The Court that I lived under were dying and in their depletion of power were growing crazy. I had to sacrifice myself to save my knowledges for life's continuation. it wasn't very fun, and the world I first came back to wasn't so great either until I could see the right person to save and protect us all." he sighed out as he reached under his shirt. he pulled out a thin chain with a small charm on it -

Bink once it was removed, he set it on a night stand and shook his head, the longer true hair of himself glowing in the light. his ears too, far longer than they had been were lowered. "..i've.. waited lifetimes for a chance to live in the real world like everyone else. It's got a lot of restriction for it, but.... I can feel all the life around me shaking the very air. It's nothing like i've ever felt before. Its just... so much.. that it makes me sicker more often. this body isn't used to it."

Jay Lovell had been looking around the small carefully furnished area and turned to say something and ended up jsut making a small gasp as he stared. Finally he ventured softly , iron..right? all the metal they say makes fae sick ..and...I couldn't kill myself...I ..wanted to but I couldn't you did it for others too. lots of guts." fingers twitched as he fought the urge again to reach out and touch," damn Someone told me that there is something about fae that makes you want to touch them . I didnt believe them. Course I didnt believe in vampires then either.

Bink had moved into the kitchen and started to heat up some water into a ceramic pot. "well yes.. iron is bad, but I meant from al lthe life. This body barely became an adult not even 11 years ago. 11 human years. It's not yet adjusted to its natural gifts yet. so being around all this life when i'm physically not able.. it hurts me. Touch hurts me for the visions of life I get it. Not yours though. I can only imagine its because you have died already." He smiledd faintly, though there was that melancholy to him. It seemed to have been there all night. "Fe are social creatures. we love interaction and touch. its natural for us... well.. except for the 5 Seers. it's part of the sacrifice we carry for being a seer that we give up so much. Give it up for the betterment of all life."

Jay Lovell leaned on the wall and folded arms tucking his hands away, As if he didn't usually have a sticky finger problem now here was another enticement. He watched him making the tea silently for a few moments, "eleven years.. since adult so that means you are what..29? something like that? Im only twenty seven so not that big of a difference. Way you are talking its like you get vibes from people..or feel what they are feeling ? How does that help all life?

Bink shakes his head, " we age slower than humans. in the years of Fae, I haven't aged a year yet. I'm still .." his voice faltered as he thought on it. " ...18. by your timeline." He had poured himself and jehan two cups of hot water and put the appropriate herbal bags itno them as he walked back out itno the living room. he stopped near jehan's voice and blushed, holding out a cup. " I'm... not sure where you are... exactly..."

Jay Lovell started a moment from staring at the outstretched cup and then straightened" oh! uh..sorry . I sortta forgot " he reached out to wrap hands around his and the cup till he could take it . lifting it to sniff lightly," smells good . thanks and 11 years to be 18...that would make you over 180..yay dead can do math?

Bink sighed out once the tea was taken from him and moved to a 'safe' distance to sit himself. " ah, thank you." his ears flicked lazily as he took a moment to collect himself. "Everything in this world is a part of the fabric of life. Like in greecian mythology, a thread is cut, a life ends. Somethign mystical occured i nthe creation of vampirism. Somehow a cut thread, found a means to continue on its own. those cut threads.. are not part of the fabric of life. I... I can' see them, but I see the changes they create in the fabric of life. Everythign else on its natural path.. i can see. I know when it grow weak, when it will need guidance to be stronger. if iwanted I could spend all my existence watching all of life all around me and speak only when it meant to guide life on a path for higher life." He too ka drink of his tea and shrugged. " Kind of? he laughed weakly. We don't age the same number of years every certain number of years. You can say we grow as we need to. I've been alive since 1962, but I've only been an 'adult' 11 of those years.. in human's eyes. though physically I'm roughly 18. I guess.. i haven't felt strong enough to age... secure is probably the better word. I still feel very small and young inside.. and vulnerable." He laughed weakly..." that makes no sense, i know...I should.. probalby just stop talking. Maybe rest.... calm my senses down."

Jay Lovell looked down at the cup in his hands for a long moment before he lifted his head sharply" oh... rest...yeah... I'm sorry. you already said how things tire you ...I um..I guess i have to wait for Mr. Wright ...should I sit outside so you can do your stuff or whatever?

Bink shakes his head, " no. Stay. I don't know how long he's gonna be. Its nice knowing there is someone moving around me. Normally I sleep alone. I do most things alone." He laughed weakly, " I don't think I really liek that."

Jay Lovell frowned lightly set his tea somewhere that looked safe. He would put it in the sink in a moment but for now he moved over to Bink and stood there a second before he reached out to pet his hair once. " I'll try to make some noise then. been told I dont do that too often now. go rest...im sorry

Bink smiled and it was honest and warm. much like the look he had when nathyn had ruffled his hair eariler. He seemed to.. enjoy the attention his hair got. " What are you sorry for?"

Jay Lovell shrugged with a faint creak of leather," I dunno..maybe that the dead guy feels like he has lived more life than the guy that is supposed to be all part of life and shit. Maybe jsut sorry cause I feel like its wrong to think some of the things I been thinking bout you cause you are damn fine..both looks . I.. well I dunno . Jjust felt like saying sorry,

Bink blushed abit and lowered his head. "In past lifetimes, procreation was attempted with me. I was female though, physically. I also never concieved. I cannot recall if a Seer ever has. I don't believe so. So, thank you, i guess... but I'm not an ideal mate in anyone's eyes. You deserve to set your sights on someone more appealing than I." He shrugged the rest off, but there was that stillness about him. He didn't have the strength to say aloud how he understood what the apology was for. He understood the measurement of life lived for the vampire compared to him.

Jay Lovell snorted softly , not all about babies. Dude its jsut fun ...er" he paused as he recalled that it hurt Bink to be touched," well..uh.. sorry.. I mean ...oh damnit just fuck me I can't say anything right tonight ...uh..that wasn't right either " he smacked a hand into his forehead and muttered, " dont mind the idiot in the corner with his foot in his mouth

Bink looked a little confused at his outburst, but he managed a giggle out of it. " I am not sure how you can speak wit ha foot in your mouth, but you are really sweet."

Jay Lovell shook his head laughing, " I think that saying means I should put my foot there so I will stop speaking . Im not letting you go rest though ." he reached over to get his own cup and glanced back " want me to put your cup away ?

Bink lowered his head, hanging it over the cup in his hands. " Would you be upset at me if I told you i could put it away jsut fine by myself? I'm not... being stubborn. I just... I want to feel like I can do things by myself."

Jay Lovell chuckled," would you be mad if I was relieved that you wanted to because I would be afraid I would put it the wrong place

Bink smiled brightly. "You really are sweet." He stood up and walked to the kitchen to dispose of the left overs of his drink and the cup as he was used to. He even offered silently to do the same with Jehan's. " ...jay.." he asked quietly once he was done. " can I ask you a question?"

Jay Lovell moved over watching him rather intently . rockstar meeting supernatural star. He passed over the cup and then leaned on the wall a brow quirking, " I think that counts as a question already, might as well keep on a roll

Bink was quiet a moment, letting the words sink into his brain before he burst into a bubble of laughter. That, he understood. " You are so silly, " he finally said when he had the breath to speak. "...what is your real name...?"

Jay Lovell had to grin at the laughter it was nice to hear. smile faded though at the question and he blinked, " Jay Lovel... though yeah its short for Jehan cause you know.. its jsut so exotic and all.

Bink shook his head, "no, not that one. The one you're hiding. What name were you born to." He smiled faintly. " its a thing with me, you see. I wasn't born with a name. I got to choose mine when I was allowed out into this world for the firs time. I've always lived as a title. Seer. You weren't. What is your name?"

Jay Lovell stiffened slightly and eyes drifted away for a moment before he straightened and considered him a long moment ," I was going to protest that Jay is my name . Something tells me that would jsut make you unhappy and I got a problem with making people unhappy . Guess that is why I am dead now . " he fidgeted a moment then leaned very close. Eyes closed and he took in a breath as if sampling his scent . a Turn of his head to almsot brush lips to that hair as he whispered," Tom..Tom Ramsey is what I was born with but he died a while back too ." Risking much he put a little kiss on that cheek then and moved over to the door in the space of a breath .

Bink blushed and gave a strange half smile. it was ackward but it was heartfelt. He really couldn't think let alone voice all the flurry of emotion he felt over a name and the sensation of cool upon his cheek, but it wasn't unpleasant. Not in th slightest. ".. i.. i like name.... thank you..."

Jay Lovell nodded, still silent . he hadnt voiced that name aloud in a long time . It took awhile for him to gather himself. " welcome..." he was unsure what else to add so he jsut stood there looking out the window for quite a while ," um...you think he will remember that I need to go before dawn right?

Bink shugged, " its not that he wouldn't forget. He's just... an extremely important and busy man. If its close to dawn, you can hide upstairs with me. I kep curtains wrapped tight on the windows. the coolness from the dark is comforting for me. I am Unseelie born, after all. Even though I can't see.. i feel more at home in the night and darkness than in the daylight."

Jay Lovell rolled his shoulders and sighed," It's that itchie feeling right between the shoulderblades. like something is creeping up on me . You will have to tell me more about unseelie thing" he gave a blink and then frowned," wait.. does this mean that My Wright is fae too?

Bink smiled as he made his way toward the staircase. " Mr. Wright is important to the fae, but Mr. Wright is not a fae." He took a few steps up onto the staircase before pausing to speak again over his shoulder. " did you want to at least wait up here with me.. in case the sun beats him here?"

Jay Lovell was watching him walk away and started yet again when he spoke. glancing back out the window..weighing his options and the threat in each. Finally he ran a hand over his hair muttering about how he never used to hesitate when someone cute asked him up to their room . a shake of head and tongue across lips before he followed after him " just... uh..stuff me under the bed I guess if you know I die on you or something ...or maybe the closet...which would get me killed least with Mr. Wright?

Bink tilted his head curiously, " For sleeping with me? I wouldn't allow him to kill you for that. I know of ways to make his life a living nightmare for the rest of his existence if he were to be that mean." Bink, hadn't thought of what the term sleeping with really meant, but it was still all said in heartfelt truth.

Jay Lovell stumbled on the stairs but managed to catch himself before he went face first into them and he had to stare at that retreating form for a moment to realise that what he heard and what Bink meant were two different things," ah..well good I mean..ok but still it would not be good for me to irritate my boss the first day I am employeed..

His ears perked up like a rabbit's to the thud of Jehan hitting the staircase. " You alright?!?" but when he starte talkign and joking, Bink was relieved. " He means well. He is just hard on people because he cares..." He said little else as he got changed... right out in the room into more comfortable clothing... a robe, to poor Jehan's dismay. another legend of the fae that seemed to be true... they wore little clothing whenever possible..

Jay Lovell just settled agasint the wall near the stairs. he might be ready to bolt. but then he jsut suddenly seemed to relax. Maybe it was the comfort Bink showed maybe it was jsut another mask tucked away . realising he could not be seen staring he merely enjoyed the show. bottled blood was not that satisfying but it filled one up . he wouldnt rampage but that didnt mean he couldnt still hunger... in several ways . at least the eyes could feast. " well he comes off like your dad..those are always the ones you dont want to upset. especially when they casually talk about stakes

Bink smiled faintly as he curled up into bed. He did pause to remove the blindfold from his eyes, and only a moment's glance of a white glow could be seen before his eyes were closed. " He is the closest thing I have to a dad, so I don't blame him. I am an adult, though. I can make my own decisions. He just... has to worry." he snugled his cheek onto hsis blanket. The room without lights was absolutely dark and true to bink word, the windows were closed off tight. For both vampire and Unseelie.. it was a safe room.

Jay Lovell moved with his own soft step over to a chest there and perched himself on it turning his gaze ceiling ward to jsut feel the pressure of the coming sun. " Thanks... I mean..for a place... rest well , Bink.,

Bink smiled to himself, " thank you for being my friend, Jay. I never really had one of those..." he giggled softly, " can I keep you?"

Jay Lovell blinked at him a few times then chuckled softly ," you probably will get tired of me in a day or two...I can be obnoxious once I have settled in so be careful what you ask for...friend.

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