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((Jehan meets the Vampire Lord of the island, and learns that he may very well be the most normal one around....))

Thanatos leaned back among the pillows, a perfect stillness among the movement of the club .Eyes were the only thing that moved after a long moment. Following figures as they moved about and then the club employees that silently moved over to help a woman that leaned near.. She was pale , but still breathing as they managed to get her to her feet and unsteadily grasped at one of the men. Thanatos's eyes lingered a moment more on the trio. The meal, such as it was, still lived. There would be no legal repercussions this nigh but perhaps there would be some slight entertainment. Darkened gaze settled on the swaggering red head that made his way through the ever present crowd to approach where Thanatos relaxed in the shadows.

Jehan paused steps as he noted the interaction with the patron and employees. He moved past them but his steps faltered as he neared the woman and caught the faint but unmistakable scent of blood .He was ever so young that hunger was not easily hidden but he shook his head faintly and turned back to the eyes that watched him in the darkness. Their unblinking and heavy stare weighty in its regard. He gave a half mocking salute and a crooked grin as he tried to refocus himself." Oh there you are! Should I have made an appointment or am I just interrupting dinner?"

"Snack." It was said quietly and without emotion as that gaze remained fixed upon the boy. for boy he was to act so cocky and yet be so clearly not in control of himself. " You should have come your first night here. Was that not made clear to you ?" He actually doubted it had been made that clear. The one that would have told him would have allowed for the greatest amount of insult without completely stepping over the line.

Jehan lifted a hand to run back over his hair . A nervous gesture that made the fans in his usual audience gleeful but did little to comfort himself here now," Uh it was sort of tole me that I should eventually ..I mean if I decided to stay and all . Then there was setting up with the band and set lists, and wardrobe. well finding a place to stay. you know it has just been a terribly busy time and all . but hey! here I am now right ?"

Thanatos had not smiled and still didn't " You are so fresh yet you still smell of sunshine. You still blanch at the scent of blood though you seem to be feeding well enough " he slowly leaned forward and narrowed eyes," you stink of fae and you appear to have no idea how to address your superiors"

Jehan blinked a few times then gave a laugh . Lifting a hand he waved lightly at Thanatos," You aren't my employer and therefore are not my superior either. You aren't signing my paychecks

Thanatos sat back slowly, hands resting lightly upon his thighs. The club lights danced upon the ivory of the hand of bones almost seeming to leave them glowing" You do not understand, boy. I do not employ you. I allow you to continue existing. Nothing the owner of this club can say or do will affect my choice on whether or not such existence is to be." he then offered the tiniest hint of a smile to slide across his lips

Jehan took half a step back before he had realized it and caught himself. He narrowed his own eyes and folded arms across his chest," You can't threaten me for real. This is public and i still have rights. They say you are the biggest baddest vamp around here " eyes slid to that bone hand and he winced faintly" but what makes you my boss. What gives you the right to say anything about me?"

Thanatos gave a slight tilt of his head and for a moment there was the hint of something in those green eyes as he considered Jay. Was it..pity? " You have barely yet cut your fangs and you do not know how this world worked. All things that happen in the wharf stay in the wharf. Between us preternaturals the authorities more than willingly turn a blind eye to such violent interactions . " skeletal hand lifted to lightly gesture beyond to the people that milled about" Killing you would just be one more moment in their entertainment. Though I am sure that I should be scolded for making a mess. i, however, am not seeking to threaten you child. I am merely letting you know where your affiliation must lie. That man may employee you ..but it is to me that your loyalty must lie. Simply because of what you are now

Jehan glanced around as if following the gesture but in reality looking for the bouncers that were supposed to protect the general public from too much. danger. he was becoming more unsure that he would be one of those protected." Look dude. I don't know what it is you want from me? i am just trying to survive here and I never was that good at grovelling" he gave that grin again" bad for the bad boy image you know.

That man... was having a day off. and at His club. This naturally made him more miffed than ever. Miffed, not angry or tense. Just miffed he had to be here. He leaned onto the railing, listening to the dancer he came specifically for whine about her life. " Honey...." he said finally. " I don't give a damn who you are fucking and who you aren't telling you are fucking others and that your fuck buddies are all mad at you for acting like a whore. Can you or can you not dance for me tonight? Can you... or can you not make me money?" He listened to her sniffle a few more times and give a gentle yes. He smiled. " There you go, now, clean your face off, fix your makeup and go back out to shaking your ass. If your fuck boys both dump you, there will be a club full of anxious men eager to fill their spots. No get out of here." She kissed his cheek before she went off. Humans were so silly. He took a glance around, as was habit to see that everything was in order. The towering red head in the distance was easy to spot. Jay, his newest pain in the ass. Musicians were much like his dances. Emotional and into everyone's pants. though in this case, his musician was being more selective. it was in WHOM he was choosing that bothered him. Alot. Behind him was Thanatos. So those two finally got their meeting. Took Jay long enough. He wondered if Thanatos was in a good mood and would leave that boy unscathed of the first encounter. a scar would be trouble. Did he really want the Seer to cry to him about his hurt lover. He grumbled. That Jay was going to be a royal pain in his ass. He sighed and made his way over, smiling charmingly to Thanatos. "Evening your Deadness. How's the corporeal tunnel working for you?" He raised his hand that on Thanatos would have been all skeletal.

Thanatos still sat there with that ever so faint smile lining his lips. It did not seem that any emotion would touch his eyes though. " I do not need groveling unless it is deserved. It rarely does anything except antagonize me further. I am a creature of Power , It is what we are. I do expect you to learn your place amongst us on this island and to comport yourself appropriately . You need to learn about your and you need to stay away from the fae" and at that there was the arrival of 'that man.' It wasn't quite a sigh but there was almost that faint shift of shoulders that could preclude one as he gaze turned to wards Nathyn." Mr. Wright. You are not invited to this conversation"

Jehan furrowed his brow a bit and snorted softly muttering" and he says that I get to sounding like a book ." speaking louder and resting a hand on his own hip as he smiled" Hey I am doing pretty good. I can even not make that much of a mess when feeding nowadays so long as the other person stays relaxed. I think that is pretty comporting right? have not even killed anyone here " he turned with a more real smile this time as Nathyn appeared and he gave a little wave," heya bossman'

Nathyn Wright scoffed softly, " Oh, Thanatos, dear. You are so funny. This is my building, my land. That is my seat your powerful buttocks sits upon. that is my table and as much as it pain me to say, the brat is my employee, so I may interject on this conversation as much as I want to." He smiled brightly and gave him a slight shrug, " So Nani nani boo boo. look who told you." He laughed in a lithe and playful and almost spiteful manner. "Besides, i just came to make sure my staff was treating your fairly as one of my more prized guests. Forgive me for doing my job in my own establishment." He turned to Jay. "Hello, Bratface. What have i told you about the emo act? Stop it. its not trendy and doesn't give me a fair price. You're a vampire. So is he. In fact, he's the most powerful one here. That is why you answer to his rule. Were you a fae, you'd speak to their King. Were you human, the Mayor.. but in this case, that is your caretaker. So be nice or he'll stop tipping us well."

Thanatos gave only one faint twitch and a look that for that moment seemed to be envisioning chains and instruments of torture but that moment was gong as fast as it might have been there " I am actually surprised at you bringing such a childe under your wing Nathyn You usually keep the out of control ones in your cages. I do have to say that your entertainment of late has been quite..tasty. " he was back to trying to be polite it was sort of part of the agreement. Besides bickering in front of the new guy was hardly impressive. Looking back to Jay he continued" You have questions. I am the best source of answers. I have left ways to contact me with your employer. I fully expect you to utilize them. I do not seek more problems here.

Nathyn Wright waggled his eyebrow," We aim to please even your tastes Thanatos. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself." He paused and looked over Jay. " He was given to me by a colleague out of New York. You know well I'm not normally into the newly undead, but he was so valuable alive, that I thought it a shame to not use that sex appeal in death." He frowned then as he still looked over Jay. " However, the Kingy boy hasn't been quite... pleased with him so far. Especially since jay seems... to like the flower shop as an off time haunt." He did, in so vague words, rat Jehan out. He had to... for the protection of what was his.

Jehan answered almost automatically when he wascalled bratface" Jay..."he pulled himself up with that little swagger again," and I am so not being emo. Really...very little black eyeliner I am into the red now, aye?and I have already developed quite the eager little following so don't worry I am working on my part of paying the bills " looking back to Thanatos he shook his head" hey some problems are part of the allure, you know. They all love that element of risk. That is the biggest part of this place afterall," he looked back and forth between the two and both hands rested on his hips,"and as to what I am doing in my off time. I do not think either of you have any right to be poking your noses in. I am not feeding on fae...that was one of the first things I was told. how they are poison and madness. but I can and will still have friends and I do not base such upon race, religion. gender or race. So long as I am not putting either of you at risk i just gotta say. butt out.

Nathyn Wright smirked gently, " You said Race twice, Bratface."

Thanatos remained looking at Jay for a long time before gaze shifted to Nathyn once more and he did finally let that tiny smile fade though what took its place was not quite a frown, " you risk a great deal childe , to associate with the fae no matter what level they might be. They will warp your mind and senses and should never be trusted," He stopped there apparently that snack he had before the boy walked up had not been enough to cure hunger and with it irritability." No I cannot demand your obeying. Not in this day and age. but I would urge you to think long and hard about such things and the risks you might not yet realize" he stood slowly then " there is a performance that you are having tonight that promises to offer my preferred entertainment I shall seek to edge my hunger on the way " he offered Nathyn the barest hint of a nod acknowledging the information given .

Nathyn Wright looked between the two, "Well.. really I did just come to check up and make sure you were alright, thanatos... and of course, ensure our services were still on par to your liking." He smiled. "I think I have spent far too much of my precious free time off in my club. I have a delicious morsel of a woman waiting for me to giver her the night of her life." He smiled devilishly to that. " I mustn't keep that waiting, eh?" He bowed his head to Thanatos, " Enjoy your meals and the entertainment, Thanatos." To Jay he saluted, " Cheer up, little Jay bird. He's not telling you what to do. He's giving you powerful advise to help you live longer, Its his way to show he cares. Its all our way, really." He winked to him and proceeded to turn away. " Have a wonderful evening, the both of you."

Jehan glanced between the two of them. perhaps right then he was realizing just how this was not Kansas anymore. or any place else outside of normal. what used to be normal at least. it was easy to try to look past it all but there were real monsters now and he was one . absently he answered." yeah..good evening ..." a little blink before he looked back up to Nathyn and managed a cheeky grin" lucky woman" a waggle of brow before he waved again" so have fun all I have another show.

Nathyn Wright laughed as he walked away. There was a swagger in his step. though it was more laced in a strange graceful sensuality. it was the swagger of a leopard on the prowl. "Keep wearing your tight pants, brat. I'll pinch those cheeks of yours yet!"

Thanatos watched Nathyn go as he stepped over to the tall redhead and paused waiting for the human to go out of earshot. " Careful childe about taunting that one. There is something about him and he has powerful contacts. He can make for a good ally and bad enemy" he did smile again then" but an entertaining one.

Jehan furrowed brow as he looked to the other vampire. This near he did radiate a cold energy but even he could tell it was suppressed, He shivered slightly suddenly not wanting to know what it would feel like if it was not bound " is that entertaining ally or enemy?

Thanatos tilted head slightly thoughtfully before he answered with a faint shrug" both?" he turned to look over the milling crowd," This place can be a good home . There is enough resources to go around and it is a different sort of hiding now. I am still not sure how I feel about it " looking back to Jay he smirked" I am sure you will do just fine

Jehan studied the man with a frown," how can you be friendly and foreboding all at the same time?Dude that is so confusing. Should i be afraid or friendly?" he blinked a moment and smiled weakly" wait I know the answer to this...'both' right?"

Azrael slinked over the side and made his way to stand beside the foreboding and friendly vampire like he'd always been there.

Thanatos gave him a vaguely amused or almost surprised look," hrm there might be more intelligence there than I was led to believe. Perhaps there will be hope for you after all. Lets see see how well you last your first century

Azrael leaned into Thanatos as he spoke and deftly began to nuzzle at his shoulder with his cheek.

Jehan gave an exaggerated roll of the eyes," Damn you sound like my dad..." then he had his own arching brow as he watched the person leaning on Thanatos " um...looks like you might be a bit busy. I suppose I should go ..prepare for show..or something" but he wasn't thinking about the show here. he was actually rather thinking about after the show.

Azrael reached out one hand and pressed his finger tips into Thanatos's shoulder. even in the dimmed light of the club and night sky, the glitter of claws on the black clothe could be seen. and he kept leaning across the vampire's chest and curling. Much like a cat. Like himself.

Thanatos just automatically curled up an arm to naturally catch the cat that would be soon sliding across his chest with bared claws if he was not caught. it could be entertaining but he liked this jacket . he didn't want to get his own blood out of it tonight. " you telegraph your thoughts far too easily childe. This is my Azrael, should you seek me and I am not here you may speak to him as if to me." faint narrowing of eyes" Do remember that speak to him is to speak to me.

Azrael and was quite content to be held in the vampire's arms. He actually was suspended in the air by it. A large fluffy and spotted object curled upward from behind a thigh. it was a tail? yes, extremely large and fluffy tail that waved itself at Jehan. " Hi!" He chirped softly.

Jehan blinked a bit and gave tilt of head as looked Azrael over, It was a him....and it had a tail? Every time he thought he had seen it all around here he was surprised again ," er...hello..." hand lifted to waggle fingers"Azrael and Thanatos...damn you guys have better stage names than I do I may have to rethink this

Thanatos gave him a vaguely amused look and then a shake of head," A name represent you and here this is who I am . Having watched your show I am not sure you have decided who you are here . Decide that and if there must be a different name that shall follow

Azrael blinked at him, " But I'm a bartender.. not a performer..." he spoke as those Jehan should have known better, " how about we call you Patrick cause your accent wants me to kiss you." he giggled and gently nommed on Thanatos's shoulder.

Jehan looked bemused at the reply. " Every bartender I have known was a performer of some sort. and ...I don't want to blend in with everyone. I am just not that guy in the background" he struck a bit of a cocky pose" that is why I am the lead singer and not the bassist. I have to be out there man. That energy it just makes me so hot..." he trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck a bit " err sorry I know many say it confuses them

Thanatos pet gently at Azrael with that bony hand as he watched Jay," We each have that which excites us . That will not change due to your state of living. It will only enhance it . I see hints of that in your performance. some call it animal magnatism but I see it as part of your new energy. You must watch and learn its control else it will overrun you .

Jehan pointed at him with an abrupt"ah ha!" then he blinked and grinned crookedly " you are trying to confuse me... first you frighten me then you try to be my father ....which is frightening in and of itself " he sighed softly " look really..just tell me what you want out of me ?

Thanatos went all serious looking and shook his head," I have not been a father in a very long time...Perhaps I merely want you to be what it is that are to be . And not have it be an embarrassment . Especially since you shall be the one in do they call We are monsters..don't make us a joke .

Azrael snapped his fingers, " Jaren!" he smiled softly. " seengeeng for the seengurs."
[2012/06/12 00:22] Jehan gave a wide-eyed look and rested a hand on his chest" me? make a joke? Look my money comes from me looking hot not foolish. Girls don't let you bite on them if you are just you know..whatever. They gotta gotta want you man. I learned that already " he looked over Thanatos and quirked a brow," I mean besides the hand you gotta be good at getting the chicks. unless you go all creepy book talking at them eh?" he looked puzzled at Azrael's outburst" ummm I could just go with is my real name after all

Azrael gave a deep throated gutteral like purr. "I like your eyes. theys purr-dee."

Thanatos gave a look that was not quite a smile but there was something sinister about it anyway," I do not often seek a sexual attractant for my food. I use other means . you apparently flirt with everyone. but you are not feeding deeply . Do you fear killing them?" he gave a casual scritch of boney fingers to Azrael's chin

Azrael the purr like sound grew louder, like the revving of a motor. "purr-dee Foxee dun looks like keeler no more. smells of keeler, but he's too soft." His eyes half closed as he enjoyed the comfort of Thanatos's touch. "needs be strong keeler to live and deep-fins."

Jehan gave Azrael a crooked smile and a wink," yours are pretty spectacular too..." he trailed off as he tried to decipher the cat's words ..." deep fins? but I'mm not so into fish though I here the merpeople areinteresting.. " another shrug and smile to Thanatos," Hey..I don't have to kill to feed right so why should I? I was never really into hurting people well not for real. that's no fun.

Azrael craned his head forward and nuzzle underneath Thantos's chin, not adding anything else for the moment.

Thanatos shakes his head faintly," not killing extends the availability of food sources. that is how one must look at it. that and it draws less attention. however if you remain too squeamish it will impact your actual feeding" he considered him for a moment then dipped his head to nip at Azrael. just enough to faintly draw blood but he held him close. He was not offering him to the other vampire but it was a good judge for hunger levels." I would suggest you feed more often at the least. perhaps twice as many sources.

Jehan definitely did focus in on even that faint drop of blood . For a long moment there he struggled to keep hold on himself and finally turned away with a faint look of disgust." people aren't toys .We don't have a right to play with other's lives casually .

Azrael shuddered once to the nip, but didn't say anything. not until jehan spoke. Then he huffed. " NO! I no toy! i'm an azzy! I am far bettah than you ever be!" He huffed, flicking his tail about irritably. "Kihten foxee needs to eat more than can say teengs so boold!"

Thanatos pet again at his frazzled cat and faintly smiled once more," Have you ever watched a cat hunting, childe? Human's call it playing with their food and say it is cruel. I have it on good authority that it is neither. It just is . For us humans are food..prey . We are not human . you will learn to leave it behind eventually In the meantime. eat more else you will slip and I do not think that you will do well with the angst that you will dredge up should you slip once more as you did with your first several feedings.

Jehan went completely still. It was a good hint of what he would be like someday when his death had sunk in and he did not act so human anymore. Eyes went distant a moment then hard as he fixed on Thanatos" What do you know about that?

Thanatos just watched . his unmoving was natural, it was when he had to remind himself to move that it was different," I am Thanatos. I know death . Just take my advice, childe

Azrael sniffed at the air, "you finds everyteeng speaks, foxee." He giggled gently. "Air speaks, water speaks, even life speaks. This land be blessed and cursed by magic and the fae. Strengthened by their Keeng and the roomers of their See-her. dun ass-hoom annieteeng seecrits, kay?"

Jehan blinked at both of them once he figured out that speech," So...Tia Dalma and yoda is it? Fine be all mysterious and shit" he lifted hands and waggled them in what was supposed to be a vaguely magical manner" I have to go perform now that my whole mood is blown. Thanks for the little talk and all dad be seeing you around eh" waving he turned to stalk off towards the crowd that had never sought to approach for some reason

Azrael wriggled his nose. as he walked away. " foxee also speetsfire." He laughed. " You smells him? Smells like prey. He no has a-dick-shun, no?"

Thanatos also studied Jay as he walked away considering. bone hand lifted in what some would take as a wave. his eyes saw other things though," no. not yet at least. If he does not stay well fed however that might come and with it a war we are not yet prepared for. It appears we shall have babysitting duties. Who owes me so I can set them to the watch?" lips curled up in that almost smile once again

Azrael flicks his tail. " kihten sitting....foxee? that no seem smart eyedaya. Dun feel like cleaning up that mess."

Thanatos gave the faintest of snorts," That is why they would need to do it without him knowing." he watched the change that came over the young vampire as he once again delved into his own element all the adoring people . He gave a faint nod and turned to head out of the club." it appears I shall be eating in tonight. I shall have to give the childe a shadow.

Azrael bobbled his head gently, " wants me ask kihteh to watch Kihten for you? He looks like he no knows much bout me brothers."

Thanatos nodded again," That will be a good start..I am unwilling to make too great a deal for once vampire. Even if he is playing with fire with the fae.

Azrael nods gently and gets onto his own two feet to walk ahead of Thanatos. "if kihten wins, he grows well. also be good infourmats for you. gets good wizdoom on fae."

Thanatos in an almost playful manner he gently batted at that tail that swung before him ," careful your strategist side is showing . Besides if we have to , even young blood can taste sweet.

Azrael snorted loudly as his tail flipped up high into the air of the briefest of moments. "HA! you likes me brain. i no foxee. Moor than purrdee face. Am Azzy. Am smarts cat."

Thanatos was actually rather relaxed, at least for him in this place where so many fae lingered. He could smell them in the air almost taste them " well yes. that goes without saying. You also have a great deal of time in comparison to the childe We shall have to determine where his power will lie if he survives

Azrael nods gently, but says nothing else. he was a cat after all, and no cat out of their first fur ever gave away more than was needed at one time.

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