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((More Rp to develop backgrounds and fun with a zooby wolf >.> don't hate! ))

Bink threw the ball for Sasha. She growled and barked at the bouncing baseball and darted after it. Bink knew better than to throw it anywhere. He arranged his store to give himself a clear shot for the door, and luckily asked for thick glass, so he wouldn't accidentally break it by throwing a ball through it.

Jay Lovell leaned against the wall looking mildly bemused as he watched the antics. At least the dog was distracted enough to stop growling at him. So long as he didnt move and foreget getting near to Bink," Don't you think it is jsut a bit risky to be throwing the ball out into the street that way? I mean the dog might eat a car or something.

Bink took the ball from Sasha's mouth and laughed as he rubbed her behind her ears. As jehan spoke, he smiled and stood up, turning to face him. Sasha smacked her lips, and glared at jehan as she sat immediately next to Bink. She didn't growl at him though. Bink was not in immediate danger. "Sasha's a wolf, not a dog." He explained calmly. She knows beter than to run into the street. and she's trained me to know exactly how hard is too hard of a throw so I won't throw it out that far."

Jay Lovell cocked his head watching them and being watched in return," Most would say they trained the animal, not the otherway around. Least it seems like she cares about you ..." he sighed softly and looked out the door" I had a dog once. His name was Rufus .

Sasha got up and padded outside. She had to take care of business. Bink chuckled at Jehan's words. " Sasha's a wolf, like I said. They are wild animals. You don't train the wild. She is here because she does care about me. In many ways she thinks of me like her own child. That is why she is training me. She helps me survive." He chuckled gently, " and I'm sure Rufus was a wonderful canine."

Jay Lovell idly flicked the ash off his nearly forgotten cigarette. There was nothing that called to him about the old addiction anymore other than habit . Most of the time already he forgot he had the thing in hand or hanging from lips ," yeah he was a good dog. We both hid under the covers when it thundered. " he gave a soft chuckle as he looked back around the small shop, " I was always the city boy. I didn't even go out for the camping stuff.

Bink shrugged as he ,oved towards jehan's voice. " This is my first city, and really, I haven't been to much of it. I mostly stay here. I am given my groceries by others and when I wish to go out I'm escorted to the Wharf and back when I'm ready to go home. Still, it is very lovely out here. The thrumming of life all around me is very comforting." He stopped a few feet from Jehan and wriggled his nose. "That smells terrible..." he was referring to the cigarette. Sasha whine and lay down, covering his nose with her own paws in agreement.

Jay Lovell looked over to the pair of them and then down to the faintly glowing stub in his hand, he smirked a bit and stepped out the door to rub the cherry off to the pavement where he stepped on it while he pocketted the rest. Not a nature boy but he still wasn't big on litter. . " hey....we could walk to the store ourselves. I think I vaguely know where it is .

Bink blushed faintly, " I.. don't need to go right now, and anyway I've taken up a great deal of your time. You haven't even gotten to get set up for your work or anything, have you! You really should make sure you have something to go to." He smiled, his chee a soft shade of pink. " Sasha and I will be fine here. We always are."

Jay Lovell laughed softly at the reaction," Well I have the contract. Not quite selling my soul to the devil but what is the other saying...beggars can't be choosers? I still get to perform and I have pretty much artistic control so that is a rare thing in my business. You will have to come and to a show . " he considered a moment " that and you know..I will come bug you alot... I are my first friend here afterall .

Bink his blush deepened but the smile he gave would have melted an iceberg. "Really?! THANK YOU!" For a moment it seemed like he was gonig to throw himself at Jehan to hug him, but the body tensed and quickly lashed back so that his arms instead of reaching out, stretched upward to the ceiling. "I've always wanted a real friend!" Sasha whined. " I'm sorry, sasha," he giggled gently. " You're my friend too, but I meant a friend that was at least closer to myself in lifestyle and resemblance."

Jay Lovell caught himself grinning foolishly and shook his head," you do make the smallest things seem ever so wonderful . I should never be able to write another emo song if you are around . What will my fans say? Oh wait... for the most part I dont have any yet. I died to them .

Bink tilted his head to that, " what's an emo song...?" He smiled faintly, " and... if you are still using the same stage name, its only a matter of time before word gets out you've got a new life, you know..."

Jay Lovell played with his lip piercing idly a moment," Think I should change my name again? I mean this is a whole new gig. no band this time . There isn't an intervention for blood addiction and I was not going to sit by and have them beg me to make them what I am .

Bink nodded gently, "Yes." He said simply. " You sound the same, and I have to assume you look the same. The world may be big, but its definitely not a coincidence if there jsut happens to be a new undead sensation that sounds, looks, and acts like someone recently dead. especially with the exact same name of the recently deceased. You still might have your old bandmates coming to your doorstep begging to be turned if you kept things the same. So... take this as a new life. Dress and do the things you always wanted bu never could when you felt alive and restricted. You do have artistic freedom now... take it to extremes and be free!" He laughed, though there was a bit of sadness.. and envy in that laugh. " Not many people get that kind of freedom.."

Jay Lovell still looked thoughtful as he pulled at his lip and then eyed Bink," and there you go again.. still affecting life even for someone not living eh? Course you haven't even heard me sing yet and you are calling me a sensation " he smiled and it carried in his words," I will take that as a vote of confidence. Admittedly my hair and eyes will always mark me I guess but I can write the songs I wanted have a different niche . Thanks.

Bink giggled, " You're welcome." He wasn't sure what else to add o nthe matter. He didn't know about this hair and eye thing. Instead he reached out to touch Sasha. Touch was a difficult thing for him, but he seemed to need to touch her alot.

Jay Lovell hesitated, half turned to the door as he watched Bink and then moved over to him closely . head lowered a bit as he considered him and then softly said" I already know I do not want to hurt you . So I am going to jsut give you a little hug . please let me know if it is a bad thing " and he huged him because he looked so all alone and fragile in that moment.

Bink looked a little confused as jehan spoke. The look turned to a look o surprise as he squeaked when embraced. His eyes welled with tears as he chukled and gave a flabergasted smile to the vampire. " I have clothes on...." he said after he collected himself. I just feel your body and its faint warmness. You drank blood, didn't you...?"

Jay Lovell lightly drew hands down the smaller man's back as he nodded. " he left it for me . " stepping back finally he too chuckled," well im not sure it would be good for me even if you did not have clothes on. you are too handsome. but anyway. I guess I will see you later then . have a good night binky butt." he would so waggle brows teasingly at him if only it could be seen..durn it

Bink frowned as he pulled away. " I hurt you?" That frown shifted to a look of alarm, with a sniffle and quivering lip included. " .. I'm... i'm sorry, Jay! I didn't mean to hurt you!!" He certainly was clueless when it came to flirtation and innuendos

Jay Lovell looked back confused and shook his head before speaking," hurt me? no, no. nothing like that" a bright laugh" made me horny as hell is all . There was a time I thought I wouldnt feel that cause I was dead..but nah I still got that urge. Bink you are fine to look at and sweet you only encourage me you dont hurt me

Bink made a series of looks. All of which were of confusion. In the end he shook his head furiously and reached up to ruffle at his own hair as though the gestures would help unknot his brain. It didn't. ""How is Hell horny? and why do you have horns? HOW did you get horns? Its not a vampire's trait. Why are you feeling hell's horns? Do you like feeling pain? IS that what makes you feel living? and why is looking at me encouraging you to go and feel the horns of Hell?!?"

Jay Lovell gave Bink back his own look of confusion and finally could not help but laugh and stpe clsoe to catch him in another hug ." no no not that kinda horns ..its um... desire... lust? well more than that I mean its not jsut physical and all that though it is all that and then some...geez you really are a virgin . I'm jsut saying that you already have me imagining things that it is probably not safe for me to think of enjoying with you even if we only jsut met. And now you will shoo me away in disgust or something but what the hell. Someone told me its better to jsut be up front about things .

Bink seemed happy to jsut be hugged. More than happy. he was bouncing in place! "oh...I told you I was a virgin. I'm male this time around and males cannot bear children. Anyway, Seers are born infertile. We do not create life we watch and guide it. I have... no real use of sexual intercourse." He furrowed his brow. " Are you... talking of sexual companionship?" he blushed deeply, "fae are very sensual beings, and since no fae really mates to a single individual for life, they tend to accumalate various partners for different desires. Seers don't. Since we feel the life on everything we touch, that makes intamacy dificult. mostly because other fae don't like... having their life glimpsed at. I mean.. would you like knowing your partner knew the multiple variables of when you were going to die.... be hurt... be rewarded? Woudl you like knowing that your partner saw every detail of your past, even the parts you were most ashamed of? You'd have nothing to share with them that they couldn't already see for themselves, so to speak. So Seers don't really have sexual companionship either. I told you. We make horrible partners."

Jay Lovell snorted softly ," it feels good that is enough of a use.." saying so though he straightened a gain though he petted at Bink's hair " I am sorry that such a thing hurts you . can't you I dunno what they would call it.. turn it off.. er..shield it or something cause you just seem too nice a guy to have to be alone.

Bink smiles gently, "In time, I will get used to my adult body and grow into the full of my gifts. At that point I'll be able to channel what it is i see, but by then I'll be either at the end of my lifetime or nearing it. My time will be focused on feeling the forests, the gateway and the magic. Without them, the Dreamlands will die and without hte dreamlands, humanity will stop dreaming..desiring.. and without that... life will lose its meaning, and then.. cease to exist." He shrugged, " it's the lot of a Seer. we don't live for ourselves. We live so that life can continue."

Jay Lovell frowned and curled some of that pale hair around his figners," how can you love for life if you cannot live life?" he sighed" I guess I am one to ask..considering im not even part of life now, eh?

"You are a supernatural annomoly." he said quietly. His head inclined towards jehan's fingers, the self part of him still desiring itself. He was living, afterall. "If vampires or any other unnatural creature really was not expected in life, then the fabrics of life would reject them and over time, all vampries would cease to be. In fact, the opposite has happened. Life adapted to the annomoly and made a new one. You're not apart of the natiral part of life, but somewhere i nthe cosmos... you're still part of life. I jusr have not found seen why or how yet." he giggled, "" But I'm still young yet."

Jay Lovell without thinking he let fingers drift over that cheek nearest him . remembering the different look it had held the night before . " well don't look too hard. Even I figure somethings are better not knowing. I will jsut take your advice and live...without living, eh?but I am going to annoy you and drag you around with me if only to watch you bounce and make you gigle again. it makes me laugh.

Bink made a soft sound. Not a moan. Not a squeak. Some murmur in between. His flesh was hot to the touch and it shivered against the far cooler touch of Jehan's fingertips. " you are....a struh-struh-....strange man, Tom..."

Jay Lovell jerked his hand away quickly ," I'm sorry, Bink...I forgot myself...and it's Jay...remember that other.. is gone now ...he was sjut a kid that was always in trouble.

Bink smiled faintly, though his face looked paler. "No, it's fine. Your touch is... strange to me. because you're life ended. there is a point where I get silence, I've never gotten that before, but it is refreshing. that is why its strange to me. I don't think Iv'e ever been allowed a 'break' that way before." He chuckled faintly, " and I am sorry for your name too. Humans are not born with true names, so it is often assumed that the name a human is born with is their true name, as it is the one name that human forever remembers, even if they change it to others later. For Fae, true names hold power, and... in saying a known true name to one that you consider friend, is used to strengthen the bond between them."

Jay Lovell quirked a brow," silence from me? now that is unusual....." he trailed off considering the rest that was said " I always saw that name as belonging to a failure, a fuck-up. Never fit in ..I guess you seeing it...differently is ...something to think about . Maybe I give it too much bad power

Bink smiles, " You're not a failure. You have a job. You are alive. YOu have something to wake up to every night. If you were not born as Tom.. you would not have all you have now." he chuckled and gave another of his bubbling smiles, " I'd say that Tom fellow has given you alot."

Jay Lovell stared at him for a long moment before slowly taking a tep back . He laughed softly and there as a teasing smile to his voice," damnit you really need to stop being so desireably cute or I will kiss you and after your reaction to a touch I'm thinking that is not a good idea. Your uncle is going to feed me that contract fist first.

Bink reached up to touch his own lips. His cheeks darkened to a deep shade of pink. "I thought... people hugged and pet desirably cute things. I think sasha is cute. I hug her. "Sasha gruffed sleepily from her spot under the pottery table. "and My uncle wants me to be happy and safe. Even the fae do. I am to hide out here in the human world so that I can learn to adapt with life to better help others and protect myself." He chuckled nervously, " though today i was taught that i shouldn't go telling people what I am, but I had already told you, and you re my friend now, so I trust you. Everyone should trust my friends." He smiled then, " Just promise me you won't tell anyone else i'm the Seer, kay?"

Jay Lovell twitched lightly as he watched those fingers lifted to lips. How long had it been since he trusted himself to touch that way ...Maybe he was hungry..perhaps he should go have another drink . Still learning to decipher his own body nowadays ," I didnt mean to tell you literally to stop ..its my way of letting you know I guess..that I see you that way . That I want to do things like that . Talking about it trying to keep from making a mistake ...and yeah..I sort of get the idea im not supposed to tell that sort of thing . I am still thinking mostly with the upper head.

Bink tilted his head curiously, " you have two heads..? um... oh....OH! Oho h oooooh!" He bounced in place to that and pointed downward, where he was guessing Jehan's crotch you be. "That's right! The penis has a head!" He laughed. It was a strange laugh, one of joy and accomplishment. " I FINALLY understood somethign you said!" he was so thrilled by this he possibly could have exploded from his own enthusiasm. " but... the penis doesn't have a brain. How are you thinking with it? Ist hat.. something vampire's can do?"

Jay Lovell had to facepalm at that one though the laughter was infectious enough that he too giggled ," no least...idont think so... im still trying to figure out what being a vampire can jsut means im not purely lust focused right? cause they say that you stop thinking logically and only think about sex you are thinking with your dick. Damnit but you are cute. !

" Oh." he seemed oddly disappointed by this. His shoulders hunched forward and his arms hung limply in the air. "... are you sure you're nto a fae....?"

Jay Lovell peered at him concerned and reached out to touch a shoudler lightly ," no..not fae...uh.. are you ok... such a sudden change in mood

Bink and on cue, he popped right back up and nodded gently, " oh, i'm fine!" He sighed though..." but I think I need to rest now... and perhaps eat. My tummy says its hungry. Can you not hear it growling? I can!"

Jay Lovell just smiled softly and gave a nod as he curled arms across his own chest," your growling was worse that Sashas. I should let you go enjoy your meal you said.. I need to go get situated and all . Can't just take up all your time can I ...need to do some writing get some feelings on paper" he gave another nod at that" so...yeah...thank you ...again.

Bink nodded gently, " You are welcome, Jay!" he raised his entire arm to wave at jay, even though he was less that two feet from him. " Have a wonderful evening!" He remained wavign a few more long moments and finally paused. his hand curled in hesitations and his lower lip quivered, " Jay!" he called out. " before you go.... are you going to come visit me again, sometime..?"

Jay Lovell had barely turned and taken a step before he was looking back over a shoulder and he laughed softly," of course I am . You couldn't keep me away. I already told you that . you are my best and first friend. . Didn't I give you my first name to hold?

Bink smiled comfortingly to that and hugged at his own chest, " You did!! I'll keep it safe. I promise."

Jay Lovell gave him a little wave as he headed out to the door. evewn if it couldnt be seen,"I know you will. see you later Bink. Good evening" he was tapping out another cigarette as he moved down the street. old habits and comfortimg onceself and all that .

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