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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:03 am

Hamilton, Maine is an Urban Fantasy roleplay sim where every character is center stage to an ongoing Supernatural Cold War hiding under the layers of a internationally known supernatural reserve and resort.

In 1962, the small town of Hamilton, Maine became a mecca to all the world as the birth of one of the Fae nations elemental Seers was announced. Since then, the U.S. government declared the island town of Hamilton a natural reserve for supernatural beings in order to preserve it for the continual growth of what the nation called the Gateway to the Eighth Wonder of the World.

All walks of life (and unlife) have found Hamilton a perfect haven to live among humanity and the natural world. In turn, the world has found the small town the perfect place to witness these mysterious creatures in their natural habitats with the opening of Hamilton’s Dreamlands Tours. Those not of the fae race can view the breathtaking wonder of the realm of dreams and nightmares in the Dreamlands of the Fae... for a price.

But beneath the glitter and limelight of progress looms the bittersweet truths of all life.

The island Hamilton rests on holds one of the largest copper deposits in the nation and the world. It also is holds a large reservoir of spring water and maintains highly fertile soil for major potential agricultural usage. However, when the U.S. declared Hamilton and its Gateway as a natural reserve, all mining and usage of the resources it holds was deemed illegal and punishable by U.S. law. To this day, many entrepreneurs have tried their luck negotiating contracts and special allowances among the Fae populace, City officials, and the U.S. government for the right to harvest the abundance of resources to no avail.

Dissension has also reached Hamilton’s shores as the balance of power has shifted from its original birthing. The Catalyst Seer, born of the spirit element, was born under the reign of the Seelie Court upon the island, though at the turning of the 21st century, their rule over the gateway and the island came to a screeching halt as the throne was attacked by the growing bands of Unseelie ‘rebels’. In 2001, the former King of the local Seelie Court was publicly killed in a duel before the Courts and succeeded by the current reigning Lord, the bana’Shee. The Seelie remain on the island, hiding in the corners of the town and slowly plotting their counter attacks to reclaim what was once theirs. As the Unseelie have taken control of the Island and the Dreamlands Gateway as their own, they have opened it to the massive public with the opening of the Dreamlands Tours and granted permission to build upon the north western coasts a new local attraction known as the Freaker’s Wharf.

The human reseidences protested the welcoming of the Supernatural freaks as they were within their neighborhoods and among their families. After many heated negotiations with the City and State, the Unseelie made a deal to allow only within the Freaker's Wharf all being of the Supernatural the right to look and act their true nature (within the rights of Human Law, of course). Once off the docks of the Wharf, all Supernatural much resemble that of their Human cohabitants and follow the laws set in place by the leading race of the world, Humanity. In return all acts of discrimination and hate toward the Wharf will be treated the same as any hate or discriminatory crime done within the human laws towards humankind. It's the only known protection of Supernatural Rights in the world.

Wildness, violence, and vagrant immorality have taken hold of this once ‘peaceful’ island. As further insult to the fallen Seelie, the Unseelie have built a loose and unlikely truce with the local vampiric population. They have hired them to work within the Wharf and even among the Dreamlands Tours inviting these unnatural creates to their homeland as near equals.

Beneath that glitter and limelight of progression and greed, the sides of cold war are being drawn between those that wish for peace and seclusion in a world where modern society is banished and humanity dominated, or a world where anything is possible and where no corner is safe from the reach of the wild and hungry.

Welcome to Hamilton, Maine. Enjoy your Stay... while you can.

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