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Post  binkyboo on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:50 pm

Ok, I know he's not the typical witches we have, HOWEVER, he was so cool enough to actually make damn good cause and consequences to his 'charms', and he's willing to work with our system. Plus we have nothing specific for voodoo, so this will be a good challenge to add. We just won't advertise voodoo as it might end up being popular. >.> Still.. its pretty cool. I approve of him.

Your Avatar Name:Calcifer Oridium

Your Character's Name:Santiago

Your Character's True Name (Fae Only):

Your Character's Race (Human, Fae, Vampire, Werewolf): Human

Your Character's Real Age:23

Business owned/would like to own (if Applicable):Homeless, Peddles Charms, sells illegal items.

Business to manage/would like to manage (If Applicable):Black Market

Political Position of your race (IE Human Mayor, Vampire Elder.) ((If Applicable)): He is a homeless human but he is very strong in the use of santeria and voodoo.

Extra Abilities:
Charms~ The ability to create charms and talismans. They can be imbued with magic, to give them effects. These can be as simple as good luck, or as complex as prayer beads that hold cancer at bay. The items usually require less sacrifice the weaker they are. A drop of blood for a month of good luck, a beloved pet sacrificed to keep you alive for another week or two. There is always a sacrifice.

Healing~ Santiago can heal both wounds and diseases through faith. However he must take life to give life. A field of wheat to help someone walk again. A month of illness for a fatal wound.

Scorpion Tattoo~ The scorpion Tattoo which is also shaved into the side of his head is both a sign of his faith, and a magical protection. It alerts him to danger before it happens. The scorpion in santeria symbolizes the guarding of one's vulnerabilities.

History~ Born in the Dominican republic, Santiago was raised in the traditional rites of his brethern. He groveled for food, served the white men and women, Though Slavery was long past outlawed. He did what was needed to survive. Parents died of Aids when He was still a swaddled clothe baby. He maintains an incontrevertable sense of humor though as he left the republic under the fall of the goverment. Taking his tricks he traveled illegally into the United states after a trek through cuba and on up the coast, all the way to New york.

He learned to speak english from a lover, who tired of his goat sacrificeing and naked danceing in the night. Traveling under the dark of night he made his way up to the northern coast and managed to earn fare to the island of Hamilton through a game of poker. He might be a little new in time but like a cat he always manages to land on his feet.

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