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Post  azzycat on Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:25 am

In the Medieval era Human feared and revered Fae as Gods and their followers, the pagans, the wielders of magic blessed to them from their gods came to be.

Then of course, came all the multiple religions of nonbelievers and the faithful and thanks to their power, might, and faith (depending on who's side you are listening to), the gods lost much of their power to a singular god and the knowledge of the fae was lost for nearly a milennia.

All that changed when the modernization of the world began to hungrily eat away at all the natural resources and close up what remaining beckons of power, the Gateways, they had to link the world to the Dreamlands. So the Fae acted out of desperation and went public with their existence and that of all supernaturals in order to preserve their power and need of the human race.

Humans have had a hard time handling this 'outting'. Most blame wars, moral issues, and economic issues upon the Supernaturals. Though there are those that support them, not as equal people, but lesser creatures to be studied and preserved like any other endangered species. thanks to those fanatics, Hamilton was made the Natural Park that it is today.

But also, among the droves of humanity are the true believers. Some with family lines as old as the middle ages others as new as yesterday. These followers, called Witches form covens usually no larger than 13, bond to a Fae to pool their power, or go it alone to as they see hold the old ways and keep the land strong and thriving.

Because Witches are the outcasts among the largest group in the world, Humanity, They are the most considerate of all race types. Witches respect and revere Fae. They fear, but equally respect that of the Vampire. They pity and look out for the cursed Werewolves. In fact, many animancers have been known to accept werewolves into their own covens to protect them and all humanity.

Humanity that has felt the witches have turned their backs on their own, the more aggressive of the bunch, have been known to form hate groups both to punish those that practice as well as other supernaturals, but without the aid of magic on their sides, they've had to use political and mechanical means to get their points across. Because of this, all of humanity, witch or not, is considered by far the most numerous and dangerous of all the races.

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